Rubber and plastic production line automatic batching

by:AAA     2020-04-06
( Industry news] Rubber and plastic production line automatic batching joyu P industrial automatic batching control system in our country after years of development, has made great progress. Automatic batching control system has been widely used in every field of human society. Rubber and plastic applications including rubber additives, products, the automatic control system of raw materials. With the expansion of enterprise production, labor costs increased and on the improvement of rubber and plastic manufacturing process requirements, and the demand of automatic batching more urgent. Zhongyu technology industry control system, combined with the technological requirements of production line, automatic weighing balance production line for the enterprise to provide the overall solution. System characteristics. Enclosed ingredients, reduce the contact of workers with chemical raw materials, maximum limit reduces the labor intensity of workers, improve the health care workers. 。 Avoid artificial factors influence on batching operation, ensure the stability of product quality, improve the efficiency of the factory. 。 Feeder and frequency control of motor speed technology, precision meet the range of ingredients: GKG ( A single powder) Dosage and accuracy requirement. 。 According to the characteristics of raw material, adopt different feeding mechanism and control algorithm, improve the efficiency of ingredients, satisfy the biggest production requirements. 。 Reliable performance of the control device and the precision machinery processing, ensure the stability of the system; Abnormal alarm function to ensure the reliability of the ingredients. 。 VAT amount digital control to provide real-time stock information. The system composition. Mechanical noumenon. Mainly includes the operation platform, storage VAT, feeder, broken arch device, pneumatic valve, automatic metering device. VAT data standard configuration, and location, can also according to customer's request to extend or reduce. 。 The control system. Mainly includes the control cabinets, industrial PLC, frequency converter control unit. 。 PC system. Including work station, industrial computer, software system and communication module. Indirect income products production process control, traceability, won the customer trust, increase the added value of products, improve product in the same industry in the position. Precise production process control, efficient production data management, perfect man-machine combination, build first-class enterprise production management system, strong contribution to the development of enterprises, help enterprises to more in-depth implementation of the lean production management. Rubber and plastic industry in the process of production, need some material or a variety of material for quantitative feeding, to ensure the stability of the production process or accurate material contrast, for the smooth completion of the production process and accurate control of product quality, all have important meaning, so automatic batching in market demand, will be more than ever before.
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