Proper storage and transportation of wire and cable products

by:AAA     2020-03-10
Matters needing attention in storage and transportation of wires and cables: 1. When storing cables, it is strictly prohibited to contact with acid, alkali and mineral oil, and to store them in isolation from these corrosive substances; 2. There shall be no harmful gas that damages insulation and corrodes metals in the warehouse where cables are stored; 3. Avoid storing cables in the open air in a bare way as much as possible, and cable trays are not allowed to be laid flat; 4. During the period of keeping the cable, it should be rolled regularly ( Summer is once every 3 months, and other seasons can be postponed as appropriate). When rolling, roll the edge of the storage plate downward and upward to avoid moisture and decay on the bottom. Always pay attention to whether the cable head is intact when storing; 5, the cable storage period is limited to the product ex-factory period, generally should not exceed one and a half years, the longest is not more than two years; 6. It is strictly prohibited to drop cables or cable trays equipped with cables from high places during transportation, especially at lower temperatures (Generally about 5℃ and below) , Throwing and throwing cables may lead to insulation and sheath cracking; 7. When hoisting packages, it is strictly prohibited to hoist several plates at the same time. In vehicles, ships and other means of transport, the cable reel should be fixed by appropriate methods to prevent mutual collision or overturning, so as to prevent mechanical damage to the cable.
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