Photovoltaic power station quality optimization and distributed photovoltaic innovation conference held in Shanghai in March

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] Photovoltaic power station quality optimization and distributed photovoltaic innovation conference on Shanghai allenli P photovoltaic power station quality optimization and distributed photovoltaic innovation conference will be held on (date) (month) (year) in Shanghai shanda, the summit to 'optimize improve power efficiency, boost industry innovation' as the theme, then, is expected to have multiple from government regulators, domestic and international electric power group, energy, investment and financing institutions, solar power, solar cell manufacturers, system integrators, equipment providers, measure, test, service providers, suppliers, consultants, technology providers, academic scientific research units, engineering design, construction, inspection, certification bodies, international organizations, the media industry such as high-level delegates, new pattern of focusing on global pv market together, restore market forces! Congress to pass hot issue: energy. Age, China pv industry opportunities and challenges; In the photovoltaic market development trend analytic; Japanese photovoltaic market trends analytical; In India pv market trends analytical; Realize the photovoltaic industry, finance, the coordinated development of the Internet; Big data power photovoltaic industry high-speed development of intelligent building photovoltaic power station site model, cost, performance, and the influence on the mode of financing and insurance; Promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry quality control; The development of the carbon market with the photovoltaic industry new opportunities; Grid, how to cope with the rapid growth of the photovoltaic power generation? China distributed photovoltaic development present situation and the latest investment policy and development prospects; Distributed photovoltaic investment strategy and pattern suggests a distributed photovoltaic power generation in the application of new urbanization and building energy conservation; Distributed photovoltaic enthusiasm of a family is the problem? Distributed photovoltaic (pv) grid technology difficulty analysis and future direction; Energy storage technology in the application of distributed photovoltaic and technology innovation; Under the current circumstances China distributed photovoltaic industry needs to what kind of financial support; Thin-film batteries in a distributed photovoltaic application prospects; Insurance of distributed photovoltaic dilemma has become the world's largest photovoltaic manufacturing base in China, China also apply the world's largest market, has the largest and most complete pv supply chain. 'Pv will enter a new period in China, leverage economies of scale is huge, the future energy form of deterrence is also unprecedented. Photovoltaic market will also maintain % more years of growth. Month, the National Energy Administration issued the National Energy Administration of the opinions from years photovoltaic construction implementation plan about the letter draft, capacity of grid-connected photovoltaic (pv) target for GW created over the years, including centralized GW pv power station, a distributed photovoltaic GW. Considering the characteristics of distributed photovoltaic roof projects and the construction of the regional conditions, puts forward the minimum target for all regions, but do not set the annual maximum size. As roof will be distributed separately listed policy documents for the first time, the industry generally believe that the development of roof distributed is very good, because 'unlimited' in the domestic photovoltaic market will develop to stabilize the ground station at the same time, increasing propulsion distributed power stations, and gradually convert distributed and centralized photovoltaic role in domestic pv market. Outlook in photovoltaic industry still faces complex and changeable forms at home and abroad, both in the domestic market environment affected by the policy drive good situation, and the international market challenges of uncertain factors such as trade protection. Based on industry status and market demand, 'the photovoltaic power station quality optimization and distributed photovoltaic industry innovation conference' will do all we can do for you review the latest industry information, provide exclusive dry goods industry, to help build and strengthen your business network, hope you and all my colleagues can pass this annual event in market competition to win a place! Conference on more details, please click on the conference website links: WWW. klexhibitions。 Com/PV or consulting contact: Mr. Li, (T) +( E) 艾伦。 li@klexhibitions。 Com contact: wang ( (T) +( E) 安妮。 wang@klexhibitions。 com
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