Nuclear power cable demand in the next five years

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] In the future nuclear power cable demand globledata P in recent years the rapid development of China's new energy industry, nuclear power as an important part of new energy also got rapid development in recent years, the demand for nuclear class cable is becoming more and more big. Last year, apparently, is China's development of nuclear power harvesting and savings strength further development. After the fukushima accident 'freeze', after the international nuclear power and the domestic nuclear power situation is gradually warming, the state of the top-level design of nuclear power system continues to brewing, and in driving. At the same time, also pay close attention to the national wire and cable industry level and the movements of the nuclear power industry. Clearly, a new round of international nuclear power construction boom is a good opportunity for domestic enterprises to develop nuclear cable. It is understood that the amount and type of cable used in a nuclear power plant more: according to the purpose can be divided into medium voltage power cables, low voltage power cables, control cables, cable and communication cable measurement. Estimated according to the personage inside course of study, a mega kilowatt nuclear power units, all kinds of cables required roughly 17 kilometers, an average of $ten thousand per km, in nuclear power cable market space in China amounted to one hundred million yuan, one hundred million yuan per year. Nuclear cable industry in China is expected to take this opportunity to get breakthrough development. And from the Angle of nuclear power development in recent years, the ways, booming, plus policy clear step by step, at the same time also will infuse new power for wire and cable industry. (date) (month) (year), the State Council general office issued the action plan for energy development strategy, Years) Years ago, on the nuclear power development made the overall deployment and arrangement. The peak period of years, China's nuclear power for nuclear power of new power, during the period of '11th five-year plan' to start construction of nuclear power results appeared this year already, years a total of units and put into production, for the Chinese power market has injected new vitality. Yangjiang number, ningde number, the red river, fuqing, Fang Jiashan number, a new power capacity kilowatts, mainland China in nuclear power units shipped to Taiwan, the total installed capacity is also a breakthrough kilowatts mark. In addition, the national '' plan, our country's first major projects sodium cooled fast reactor - — — China experimental fast reactor in (date) (month) (year) to achieve the full power and stable operation hours, main technological parameters and safety performance indicators meet the design requirements, a comprehensive grasp of the our country marks the fast reactor design, construction, commissioning and operation of the core technology. According to the world nuclear association, the international nuclear power market will add around the unit, the new investment of $$. The three big domestic nuclear power group and equipment suppliers are attractive, and nuclear power equipment suppliers to develop the international market opportunity. With an increasingly tense international energy supply situation, in order to meet the rapid growth of electricity demand and better protect the environment, nuclear power generation again the interest of countries, global nuclear boom will lead to huge business opportunities for the cable industry. At present, nuclear power has risen to national strategy of 'going out'. Last month, the national energy bureau issued 'about printing service nuclear power enterprise scientific development coordination mechanism scheme notice ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'notice') 。 'Notice' is not only for nuclear power enterprises 'go out' to give guidance, direction and to promote the nuclear power of 'going out' as China's contacts with potential nuclear importer bilateral political, economic, the important issues. 'Notice' in the nuclear power going out strategy 'to' service, said China would 'strengthen organization and leadership of nuclear export, and support enterprises in engineering construction, equipment manufacturing, technical support and state bank loans and other diversified ways to participate in the international project competition'. This is the industry as China's first official put rise in nuclear power of 'going out' strategy for the country. In fact, China's nuclear power of 'going out' has been recognized by users abroad. (date) (month) (year) signed between China and Argentina, published china-arab joint statement, the statement is put forward, the two sides signed the 'agreement on cooperation in Argentina construction heavy water reactor nuclear power plant'. Month, in English and signed the joint declaration on nuclear power, etc, the UK welcomes Chinese businesses continue to investment in the UK projects such as nuclear power, high iron three nuclear power companies in China with local nuclear power company signed a cooperation memorandum. Both the official attitude, and release a strong industry itself, forecast is in the year or nuclear power industry to advance steadily speed recovery. Years, nuclear power capacity to achieve kilowatts, and nuclear power will reach kilowatts to years, accounts for the total installed capacity of %. Cable as an important part of the nuclear power plant, nuclear power industry recovery or rising demand will drive the nuclear cable. Which can be projected, after five years of China's nuclear power industry will usher in a new outbreaks, and benefit from the positive factors for the development of nuclear power big, wire and cable market will be unprecedented. But at the same time, it should be noted that the plant is taller to the requirement of cable products, so how to develop and produce qualified nuclear class cable and other products, is the wire and cable manufacturing enterprises should be paid close attention to subject.
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