New trans-pacific submarine cable construction drive submarine cable a surge in demand

by:AAA     2020-04-11
( Industry news] New trans-pacific submarine cable construction drive submarine cable demand useful P in March, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued 'to promote to build the silk road economic belt and century the vision and action of the Marine silk road', promoting the construction of cross-border fiber optics communication mains network, improve the level of international communications connectivity, become a key cooperation content. Among them, promoting the construction of communication mains network explicitly proposed to 'accelerate the bilateral cross-border optical cable construction, such as project planning and construction of intercontinental undersea optical cable', emphasized the submarine cable plays a major role in the trade flow. Recently China telecom global partners jointly launched the new trans-pacific ( , stock! ) International submarine cable ( The New Cross Pacific, NCP) Engineering construction. NCP submarine cable with a total investment of more than $, was completed and put into production in the fourth quarter is expected. NCP project after the completion of the will power to build China into a regional information gathering and exchange center, further open and countries along the 'area' of information channel, engineering construction is expected to bring substantial orders for related equipment enterprises. According to introducing, NCP submarine cable connection to the United States, more than km, more than -tbps system design capacity, will be the maximum transmission capacity and minimum delay between Asia and North America in the submarine cable. NCP submarine cable will cooperate with existing TPE submarine cable, CUCN submarine cable, etc, to provide backup protection for multiple cable system, can greatly improve the international network, particularly in the Asia Pacific regional overall network security. Submarine cable system is mainly used for connecting cable and the Internet, it is divided into two most shore equipment and underwater equipment. Shore equipment will voice, image, data communications services such as packaging. Underwater equipment is responsible for the communication signal processing, send and receive. Underwater equipment into submarine cable, repeater and branching unit 'of three parts: submarine cable is one of the most important and most vulnerable part of. Deep-sea fiber optic cable structure is more complex: optical fiber is located in the u-shaped groove plastic skeleton, slot filling ointment or elastic plastic body formed fiber core. Around the fiber core with high strength steel wire around the package, in the process of winding and to all gaps are filled with waterproof materials, then around the wire winding and a layer of copper strip and welding seam, make the steel wire and copper tube to form a consortium of compressive and tensile. Outside of the steel wire and copper pipe also add a layer of polyethylene sheath. Such tight multilayer structure is to protect optical fiber, to prevent the fracture and prevent the intrusion of sea water. There are sharks stalking in the region, will add a layer on the outside of the submarine cable PE sheathed. Requirements of submarine cable structure, strong material is light, but cannot use light metal aluminum, aluminum and water can produce electrochemical reaction and hydrogen, hydrogen molecules can spread into the fiber glass material, make the loss of the fiber. Thus we should not only prevent internal hydrogen, submarine cable also prevent hydrogen into cable from outside. To this end, in the early s, and developed a kind of coated carbon or titanium coating layer fiber, can prevent the hydrogen penetration and prevent chemical corrosion. Optical fiber connector also demands is high strength, keep the strength of the fiber and the original original optical surfaces from damage. Compared with land optical cable, submarine cable has many advantages: one is laid don't need to dig tunnels or use the brace, and less investment, fast construction; Second, in addition to the landing area, cable at the bottom of a certain depth, mostly from the wind and waves, such as the destruction of the natural environment and the interference of human activities, so the security and stability of fiber optic cable, strong anti-interference ability, confidentiality good performance. The data shows, submarine cable as an important means of international communication, bear the % above the international communications business, is the main carrier of the global information and communications, optical fiber enterprise in our country is also the new profits growth point. Due to the particularity of underwater environment, submarine cable must be able to wear resistance and corrosion resistance, when laying still need bear the tension of tons, at present only a few domestic enterprises can produce submarine cable. Aspects of listed companies, prosper photoelectric already successful delivery Malaysia oil the root of km submarine cable project, its research and development center of the 'long low loss of submarine cable with optical fiber preform r&d and industrialization' project major technological breakthroughs were made in earlier this year, and, according to the provincial science and technology achievements transformation projects successfully broke the foreign technology monopoly, the end of the year is expected to achieve mass production. Zhongtian technology for the domestic leading enterprises, the submarine cable income reached last year. One hundred million yuan, year-on-year growth %. Company last month with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in shen from the ocean observing network equipment and system research and development, signed a cooperation agreement, the key is in the bottom of the ocean observation the webmaster, time shuttle box key technology research, product development and underwater robot and water contact plug-ins, such as the core device transfer of industry application. The optical cable big shareholders through light group with the largest domestic area, the best submarine cable production base, production conditions group chief engineer Li Wanmeng is China's first military submarine cable designers.
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