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Nanjing residential building wire and cable mix build three cable fire

by:AAA     2020-06-01
( Industry news] Nanjing residential building wire and cable mix build three cable fire dghaotong south webex (P Reporter cheng-bing wang) Today ( Month) South road, bridge, a residential buildings exterior wall place, three cable fire. Residents found immediately after fighting, due to the rescue in time, eventually dissolve the danger. O 'clock yesterday afternoon, residents who lives near the south bridge road, hou found cable fire, then picked up a piece of bamboo is beating the flames, and shouted for help. Also see immediately after the fire the family moved to the ladder with a mop, all people together to battle together save. Citizens Mr Zhang says, the cable of the fire and gas together, gas burning fire. Through the wind, the fire to burn, the greater the 'PI' rattling in the wind, if you don't put out the fire in time is likely to cause gas deflagration, was set up. After received the alarm, the firemen arrived on time, take out water gun fire, after a few minutes, the fire was put out soon. Rushed to the emergency workers at the scene to see, bound together with several cable, wire and cable gas mix build, prone to fire hazards. Learned, fiber optic cable fire burned, causing hundreds of households broadband TV signal communication interrupt, communications companies to replace cables, estimated losses in ten thousand yuan of above.
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