High altitude wind power technology in China has a natural advantage

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] High altitude wind power technology in China has a natural advantage globledata P by the rough statistics, there have been several global high altitude wind power company. Europe and the United States and other developed countries constantly throwing money at high altitude wind power technology, mainly because of high altitude wind power obvious advantages, is likely to change the world. And our country, high altitude wind power technology has natural advantages. High altitude wind energy density is low altitude wind between 10 and one hundred times. Use of wind power, wind power need to consider the location of the project density, wind energy density is lower than the watts/square meters, is not suitable for the development of wind power. With the higher elevation, the high quality the airspace of the wind power density can reach watts per square metre. If further up to thousands of meters high, one hundred times of the wind energy density is hundreds of meters airspace. To somewhere on the wind data of yichang in hubei province as an example, the height of rice, wind speed m/s, for the wind energy density. Watts per square meter, do not have development value; But when reach meters height, the wind speed will be increased from hundreds of meters height of m/s to m/s, the wind energy density to watts per square meter, has high value for development. High-altitude wind due to high density, lightweight, hours in use, in theory, wind power efficiency will be significantly higher than that of low wind projects. Global wind energy council, therefore, have to think of high altitude wind energy is a new generation of new energy technologies, high altitude wind can be in different extent, eliminate the disadvantages of existing new energy technology, and had many advantages, such as the new part to replace the current traditional large wind power market, is a hotspot in the field of new energy investment and development direction. High altitude wind and there is a natural match pattern of electricity in our country. The national center for environmental prediction was once a close to the global wind energy density is calculated, according to the traditional wind energy resources of our country, M. ) Mainly distributed in Inner Mongolia, jilin, xinjiang and parts of southeast coast is relatively narrow. Distance in these regions and economic center, the power generation units with power unit location does not match, Other thermal power, hydropower and other traditional energy also had a similar problem) 。 Due to the special geographical environment in our country, after more than m, populated areas will gradually move to the southeast coastal wind power, within the scope of the m to m, high-altitude wind resource the most densely populated region is concentrated in the east China, central China, south China, such as the most economically developed areas, if high altitude wind can be massive collected use, you don't need expensive construction of long distance, large capacity of power transmission channel.
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