Heating cable installation should pay attention to ten o 'clock

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] Heating cable installation should pay attention to ten dianlan P China cable industry network heating cable believe everyone is familiar with, but floor heating should all know, now every family cannot leave the ground is warm in winter, here small make up take you to understand what is the heating cable. Heating cable, it is made from cable structure, in power for energy, the use of alloy resistance wire for electricity heating, to reach the effect of heating or thermal insulation. Usually have single and double guide points, referred to as the heating cable. Call it the ideal winter heating cable heating heating means, is not just about its economic, safe, convenient, high quality, but the people as the main body of life, it is highlighted the comfortable, healthy, environmental protection, these three big theme of modern life; Highly humanized design, simple and flexible control mode, bring great convenience to users; Hidden under the ground of the system structure, maximum limit save interior space. Heating cable heating system mainly consisted of far infrared radiation heat transfer, Account for more than % of the total heat transfer) Same principle and principle of solar radiation, the radiation. Convection, conduction and radiation heat transfer mode is divided into three types, the most comfortable way of heat transfer, radiation is human body give a person the sense with the warm sunshine, there is no air flow, there is no hot feeling, people according to their needs, set the most suitable indoor temperature, not affected by the influence of outdoor temperature, not limited by season, indoor always stay warm feeling. Installing a heating cable that you noticed? , material of various materials, specifications, varieties of type must conform to the requirements of the design and the corresponding specification, must complete the corresponding certificates; , to prevent the heating cable by the thermal insulation material, affect the service life of heating cable, the wire mesh or metal fixed belt is able to prevent heating cable pressure into the insulation. , tube wear limit after heating cable or the electrothermal laid is verified, in front of the threading cassette must be clean, do wire color correct, allowance amount; , the thermostat installation should be horizontal even vertical, standard and accurate, and clingy metope, fixation, comply with the electrical component project acceptance specification; , all construction personnel must wear soft shoes, catheter sealing up after the operation; , floor radiant heating system installation project, unfavorable and other construction work at the same time cross; , filling layer of concrete pouring and curing process, shall not enter trample, pouring concrete, to take protective measures, can't pedal, vehicles run directly heating cable or the electrothermal heating area; After finishing filling layer maintenance shall not run on the ground overloading or place of high temperature object; Electricity floor heating, construction completed are strictly prohibited to knock on the ground, shock. Do not open the hole on the ground and carved into the jehol chisel or deed objects; , whole bedroom equipotential connection, ensure the personal safety. , the thermostat probe and shop and good connection heating cable protection. Understand the heating cable and the points for attention during the installation, we can take timely measures to have a problem, not all bewildered. More information on cable quotation, cable purchase, cable, etc. , can login China cable industry network HTTP / / WWW. 电缆。 com
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