FRP cable protection pipe in the reformation, the application of power grid construction

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] FRP cable protection pipe application in the power grid construction transformation sanewcable P analysis the performance and characteristics of FRP cable protection pipe, through engineering examples, and technical comparison, fully embodies the glass fiber reinforced plastic cable custody of superiority, as power cable protection tube is a new type of cable protection tube to be promoted. FRP cable protection pipe power cable applications. A, problem, put forward and analyzed in accordance with the requirements of technical specification and the local economic development, at present, the kV cable line laying usually adopt the following three ways: one is USES the casing pipe laying, the other is directly buried installation, three is the cable laying. Directly buried installation is characterized by good heat dissipation, easy construction, less investment, but the maintenance is not convenient, susceptibility to corrosion and mechanical damage; Cable conduit installation while maintenance is convenient, but the cost is high; And the casing installation, its construction is simple, saving investment, convenient maintenance, therefore in the present engineering construction are widely used. But the casing used before laying cable protection tube are mostly use galvanized steel and PVC plastic pipe. Galvanized steel pipe rigid intensity is high, but there exists large weight, and the tube sheet is not smooth, easy to scratch in cable, easy to rust, poor water resistance, heat resistance is poor, it is magnetic materials at the same time, the eddy current caused by weakness; Although PVC pipe ruled out, there exists the shortage of the galvanized steel pipe, but its high rigidity and strength is not enough. How to solve this contradiction, to ensure the safe operation of the cable, is urgent needs to solve. After a huge mass of data collection, technical analysis and economic comparison, thus determine using FRP cable protection pipe as cable protection tube technology solutions. Second, the technical proposal feasibility study ( ) , FRP cable protection pipe of the structure, characteristics, performance, (1) FRP cable protection pipe has high strength, light weight, deformation, the table is smooth, etc. Its friction coefficient is small, wearing rope light, and does not damage the cable. Effectively solve the low strength of PVC plastic pipe and galvanized steel pipe weight is big, easy cut cables in cable faults. And weighs only steel/concrete pipe/around, a person can handle. Therefore, transportation is convenient, simple construction. (2) no electric corrosion, nonmagnetic, suitable for single core cable laying, without through the special handling to prevent to produce eddy current, overcome the steel tube is a magnetic material, easy to produce eddy current problems. (3) good resistance to water, can be used in damp or water for a long time, and the common composite material is not water resistant, can only be used in dry conditions. Avoided as a result of directly buried installation cable corrosion phenomenon, but also avoid the long-term of galvanized steel pipe buried in moist soil corrosion lead to lose of cable protection function. (4) to heat, fire prevention performance is superior to the epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic and plastic materials, etc. Can use for a long time under ℃, encounter not fire burning, the flame retardant performance is good. (5) has good insulation properties, high corrosion resistance strength, not easy to rust, long service life, etc. Generally can reach more than years without maintenance. ( ) Put into use, FRP cable protection pipe of the us in the technology of FRP cable protection scheme is discussed at the same time, also on the practical application, calibration. My town kV long benefit, qishan line by double overhead line into four back to cable engineering, line length. Km of the laying of FRP cable protection pipe is adopted. Not only shorten the safe distance of the original line corridors by m to m, also solved the problem of the kV overhead line corridor. More importantly because of FRP cable protection pipe the advantages of light weight, convenient construction, greatly shortens the time of installation engineering by the original cable laying project around time of the day to day, timely solve the kV long, qishan line overload problem, carry out the promise of the power quality service, the safe operation of the current line, and obtained the good social and economic benefits. Three, the implementation of technical solutions in actual construction process can show: (1) construction is convenient, simple. Due to adopting FRP cable protection pipe laying, its light weight, simple construction method, pipe and tube sealing ring is used to connect the encrypted connection, without like steel pipe needs welding, greatly reduces the labor intensity, improve work efficiency, shorten the work time, reduce the workload of the workers. (2) the intensity is high, water proofing property is good. Due to the complex terrain of cable passes through the road, as well as through the highway, and through the wet area, at the same time also and underground drainage crossed, on the strength of the protection tube, corrosion resistance and waterproof performance all meet the technical requirements; (3) the construction installation method is simple, can properly solve the roads during the construction of excavation, the exposure time is long, affects urban transportation problems. At the same time, it can bury segments, dig a place after tube, can immediately backfill, level off the road. For important traffic arteries, which can realize the night excavation embedding, instant backfill pavement, can be opened as usual during the day, can effectively solve the directly buried installation and in cable trench laying the disadvantages of long way; (4) using glass fiber reinforced plastic cable without a power outage protection tube under the premise of buried pipe and cable in advance, will not affect the normal power supply. Last only a short outage for power cable and down lead connection, improve the reliability of power supply. (5) FRP cable protection pipe prices compared with galvanized steel pipe price difference is not big, but because it has the incomparable advantages of galvanized steel pipe, makes the application of FRP cable protection pipe laid a good, broad prospects. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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