Four major causes of communication fiber optic cable line failure

by:AAA     2020-03-11
Four major causes of communication fiber optic cable line failure. First, the impact of lightning and the armored components of optical cables are all metal conductors. If the power line is short-circuited or the lightning hits the metal parts, a strong current will be generated to destroy the optical cable line equipment, in serious cases, there will even be casualties. Second: the insulation of optical cable lines is not good. If the insulation of communication optical cable lines is not done well, then the joint box will greatly reduce the operation strength of the optical cable due to stress corrosion, Static fatigue and other reasons after it enters the water or is affected with damp, and the optical cable will break when it is serious. Third: the influence of external force. In many cases, line faults are caused by the influence of external force. Since many communication optical cable lines are laid in the field, and the general burial standards are deep below the stratum, it cannot effectively avoid the damage of many external factors to the optical cable lines. Fourth: the fault at the line connector is most likely to fail at the line connector, because the optical fiber at the connector has no protection or the protection has been significantly weakened to the original optical cable structure, therefore, the daily operation protection work can only rely on the joint box, which leads to a great increase in the probability of failure.
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