Focus on Turkey earthquake, public safety to hurry

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] Focus on Turkey earthquake, public safety and urgent jzxyqjcom P, according to the national earthquake measuring, Beijing time on October 23, 2011 18, when 41 (in Turkey 5 degrees) To happen. An earthquake of magnitude, focal depth about 10 km. Centered on the border with Iran van province the village of Barbara, at a depth of five kilometers. Turkey today times reported, has about 50 people were injured. According to local media reports, prime minister recep tayyip erdogan has cancelled other trip, the day will go to the disaster area. Television footage showed the quake zone van he county of some buildings collapsed, some residents to escaped from the building, buried in the rubble. When the earthquake occurred, the local residents escaped from the building, the scene is chaotic. For frost aftershocks, many residents began trying to rescue people buried in the rubble, at the same time, the wounded as soon as possible to a nearby clinic treatment. But some people are still in a state of panic, there are people knelt on the ground crying. This article from xinhua, please do not reprint! New company production: FRP bridge, FRP cable tray, epoxy resin composite cable bridge site: HTTP / / WWW. jzxyqj。 com/
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