FiberHome communication develops a new generation of high-speed fiber drawing technology

by:AAA     2020-03-27
With the increasingly fierce competition in the optical fiber market, the price of optical fiber is in the trough and relatively fixed, causing great pressure to optical fiber manufacturers, only by reducing production costs can we survive and develop in this era of low profits. Increasing the speed of optical fiber drawing can greatly improve the unit productivity of the equipment, and improving the production efficiency is one of the effective ways to reduce the cost. Therefore, the major optical fiber manufacturers in the world are constantly studying the new generation of high-speed drawing technology, I hope to further improve the wire drawing speed and occupy a place in the increasingly fierce market competition. In a sense, the drawing speed has become one of the signs to measure the drawing process of optical fiber manufacturers. The drawing process and drawing equipment determine the parameters and performance indexes according to the drawing speed. Therefore, at the same time of improving the speed, the wire drawing process and corresponding equipment must be continuously optimized and reformed. Only by forming a perfect wire drawing technology can stable production be ensured and production efficiency and product quality be improved. FiberHome communication Wuhan Optical fiber base has successfully developed a set of high-speed and stable wire drawing technology through continuous independent research and development, absorption of other advanced technologies, continuous optimization and transformation of wire drawing technology and equipment, the wire drawing speed was increased from 2400 m/min to 2800 m/min. The problems faced in the process of high-speed wire drawing are that high-speed wire drawing mainly requires high cooling, coating and curing systems of bare fibers. The improvement of the cooling and drawing speed of bare fiber brings great difficulties to the cooling of optical fiber. Before the optical fiber comes out of the high-temperature furnace and enters the coating device, the faster the wire drawing speed leads to the shorter corresponding cooling time, which has higher requirements for the cooling system of the optical fiber, the original He gas cooling system commonly used by many companies can no longer fully meet the cooling requirements. How to solve the cooling problem of optical fiber will be the key factor restricting the improvement of fiber drawing speed. The faster the coated fiber drawing speed is, the shorter the time to pass through the coater. At 2800 m/min high speed drawing, the time to pass through the coater is only a few milliseconds. In order to complete the effective coating in such a short period of time and ensure the thickness and quality of the coating, it is necessary to improve the existing process and need a set of rapid coating process. In addition, in the process of high-speed wire drawing, the optical fiber has a certain adsorption effect on the surrounding air, and the faster the speed is, the more obvious the effect is. In the process of high-speed wire drawing, air is easily brought into the coater, make bubbles in the coating, cause poor coating, and cause failure of optical fiber drawing in severe cases. The curing of the solidified optical fiber is a very important part of the optical fiber process. The increase of the wire drawing speed shortens the time for the optical fiber to pass through the curing furnace, thus shortening the illumination time, which will affect the curing quality of the optical fiber. If increasing the height of the curing furnace does not meet the economic benefits, it is necessary to develop a new process to improve the curing quality of optical fibers, which is economical and reasonable. The solutions of FiberHome and the breakthrough of new technologies often start from the raising of problems. Through continuous research and development, FiberHome Wuhan Optical fiber base has continuously tackled the above-mentioned problems in the process of high-speed wire drawing, the related process and equipment were continuously improved and optimized, and 2800 m/min high-speed and stable wire drawing was realized. The first is the cooling system. In order to further improve the cooling efficiency, an improved device is added to the original He gas cooling system, which can cool the optical fiber step by step and effectively improve the cooling efficiency, make the optical fiber drop from about 1600 ℃ to about 60 ℃ before entering the coating mold, meeting the process requirements. After improvement and optimization, a perfect bare fiber cooling process has been formed. Secondly, in the aspect of coating, through continuous improvement of the original coating process and equipment, a set of optimized components of the coater and the latest coating process have been independently developed, the problem of poor coating caused by air brought into the applicator by optical fiber during high-speed wire drawing has been successfully eliminated. The coating problems in the process of high-speed wire drawing are effectively solved by reasonably controlling the coating temperature and feeding pressure. In the aspect of curing, FiberHome Wuhan Optical fiber base is based on the original patent 'optical fiber coating curing auxiliary device of ultraviolet curing Furnace' and 'a full-automatic high-speed wire drawing curing system, on the one hand, by adjusting the position between the curing furnaces, the light quality of the curing furnaces is continuously improved to improve the curing quality; On the other hand, the equipment has been continuously researched and improved. Through continuous technical research, the curing auxiliary device has been optimized. Through the optimization of curing furnace components and other reasonable adjustments, it can fully meet the curing requirements of 2800 m/min high-speed wire drawing process. Under high-speed wire drawing, slight changes will occur in high-temperature furnace, cooling system, coating system and curing system. Through continuous and in-depth theoretical research and practical inspection of these changes, fiberHome Wuhan Optical fiber base has carried out a series of research and development, improvement and optimization of related processes and equipment, successfully increasing the wire drawing speed from 2400 m/min to 2800 m/min, I have mastered a complete set of perfect and mature high-speed wire drawing technology, further increased the output and reduced the production cost, and took the lead in the increasingly fierce market competition. The wire drawing speed has reached the domestic leading level and the international first-class level.
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