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Domestic glut on the low end of the cable should be in-depth study of special cable

by:AAA     2020-04-11
( Industry news] Domestic useful P a glut on the low end of the cable should be in-depth study of special cable in the past two years, China's wire and cable market capacity continues to expand, domestic cable industry development scale continuous growth, profit driven led to the entity enterprise innovation ability lag behind. A glut on the low end of the cable, and now the domestic market and high-end special cable is relatively scarce. Scattered in the cable industry concentration degree is low, the technical force, product technology content is not high background, in-depth study of special cable will is the key to cable companies have market competitiveness. Special cable is a special purpose, cable can be used in certain occasions, such as high temperature resistant, resistant to acid and alkali, the termite, and used in ships, including aircraft plant wire and cable. Special cable is a series of products with unique properties and special structure, relative to the amount of bedding face is wide in terms of ordinary wire and cable, with high technical content, the strict conditions of use, small batch, the characteristics of high added value. Often using new materials, new structure and new technology and new design calculation. According to concerning sectional statistic, the national electric wire electric cable profession can only a handful of enterprises with annual sales of one hundred million yuan of above, a handful of corporate brand can recognition or has a high popularity in the world. The special material needed to make special cable still needs to be imported. Especially when the core equipment of major projects to form a complete set of special cable can only rely on imported special material imports has become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's cable industry. Along with our country the rapid development of the industry such as communication, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the demand of the special cable, cable products and import expensive price, delivery time is long, which makes our country high-end manufacturing research and development costs increase, to some extent, restricted the development of these industries. At present. The domestic market are in urgent need of the development of special cable products are: aerospace cable, data bus cable, Marine cable, rolling stock with cable, high frequency cable, urban rail communication with cable, etc. In addition, as the environmental protection, safety, energy saving, such as further implement of sustainable development concept, special cable industry in China is facing a good development opportunity, therefore, do not blindly follow suit into the low end of the cable market competitive price cycle, special cable is a cable enterprise developing scarce development 'path. In order to further strengthen production safety, economic safety and national security, China's increasingly strong demand for special cable products, national industrial policy specifically in major projects will be preferred to use the domestic independent brand products, industrial environment is conducive to the development of domestic special cable company. The personage inside course of study suggested that countries should also continue to strengthen the cable material research and development investment and policy support. Related department of science and technology to combine the national key project construction and special materials, special cables required to set up special funds, manufacturers and users of joint development, meet the production requirements of special cable; Intensify specialty materials science and technology development, organized by government investment and to have a research and development ability of plant, colleges and universities form a coalition, team, and included in the development of science and technology plan. With the advent of much starker choices-and graver consequences-in ', the cable enterprises in our country is faced with good development prospects, at the same time, the transformation of industry is also very difficult task. Only making low-end products to realize gradually the development of special cable change, will be to keep China's cable industry sustained, stable and healthy development of the key.
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