Bulgarian national power most of the spending for green power

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] Bulgarian national power most of the spending for green power globledata P according to Bulgarian state power company chief executive Petar Iliev, said the company will use most of the spending for renewable energy of green power, at least) is hereby los dewy plant production of electricity. Iliev clearly shows that the company % spending will be used in the los dewy plant production of the cheapest power, and renewable energy power plant company % of spending. Iliev points out, because the company need to purchase a certain power plant all the obligation of electricity, company's deficit further. Iliev stressed that in some cases, excess production capacity has reached the %, and remaining power must buy at a preferential rate. With congress adopted energy law revised recently, the situation is expected to be improved in the field of energy. So, Bulgarian national electricity can only under the condition of the high efficient power output to buy power from power plants and coal-fired power stations, but won't exceed energy regulator set quotas. As the dependence on fossil fuel power plant to reduce, Bulgaria will focus on green electricity production, and state power will focus on investment in renewable energy to generate electricity.
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