Various high power cable industry broad market expectations

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] Various high power cable industry broad market expectations zhdljyw P in recent years, China's infrastructure into a outbreak period, in terms of wuhan, rail transit construction and road bridge construction can be seen everywhere, it is conceivable that the country construction project is various. The wire and cable as the important role of foundation engineering construction, is indispensable. In terms of a certain sense, around China large-scale construction, make foreign well-known cable companies see China's vast domestic market, poured into China, promoted the progress of domestic wire and cable industry. Electric power is the pillar of national economic development, is the motive force of national progress, on the other hand, the development of the national economy to further promote the progress of power, led output in the wire and cable trade, promote the development of wire and cable industry. On the other hand, the social economy more developed, the greater the demand for electricity, reflected in the power grid construction is growing rapidly. According to statistics, since years, national investment in the power industry always maintain at least double the speed every five years. 'The seventh period. Times of growth, and close to the period of '11th five-year plan'. This fully shows that with more and more perfect state power construction, the electric power development also has the very big space, to a certain extent also illustrates the broad prospect in wire and cable industry. Plus this year, a number of government policy also positive to cable enterprise constantly. 'Broadband China' and G strategy greatly improve the position of fiber optic cable manufacturing enterprises, in the year before the deployment of the future broadband development goals of the State Council, the broadband development strategy from a single department as a national strategy, the broadband network infrastructure construction investment is greatly increased, thanks to government support, market demand for fiber optic cable products has increased dramatically, the fiber optic cable manufacturers also increase investment in high quality optical fiber cable. In addition, 'One Belt And One Road' policy to pull the wire and cable industry to enter the international market, the growing demand for cable also supply cable enterprise development provides a big opportunity.
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