The university should become a enterprise change management enabler

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] University should become a enterprise change management enabler globledata P (date) (month) (year), zte, dean of the school of Wang Dianping pointed out at the annual meeting of the world wire and cable, most of China's corporate universities or training department has evolved from training center, in the role is still focus on transactional, budget, this kind of traditional corporate universities can change people's behavior, more can't actuation enterprise management, can be costly. Which is the zte Wang Dianping college many years of experience. According to Wang Dianping on positioning, zte college consultant for the enterprise development, business partners, and change management enabler of triple role. In content, zte college has been committed to the construction of core competence of itself, among them, lecturer system, curriculum system, college of information platform construction, quality evaluation system is unique core competitiveness and advantages. Wang Dianping, lists some zte practice for the reference of the college, such as zte college courses taught by % from students, curriculum and become more interesting, practical; Policy makers, selection of new employees into the company executives to refresh the mind, let the executives to rekindle the passion. And Wang Dianping have the same views and member of Chinese academy of management, fudan university school of management professor wen-hsien chang, he was also put forward the 'corporate universities are different university business school, also is different from the training department of the enterprise, the positioning of the corporate universities should is the enterprise strategic partner'. As strategic partners of enterprises, corporate universities need to involved in all aspects of the enterprise strategy: first, in the process of strategy formulation, enterprises need according to the actual situation of enterprises and university's stage of development and the current strategic focus to establish the vision of enterprise development; Second, according to the establishment of the vision, corporate universities need to implement the strategy of thinking through to all aspects of the training work, in the course selection, production, the process of making the teaching plan and evaluation aspects need according to the strategy to determine the details, in the heart of the interactive strategy into enterprise employees in their blood, let the corporate universities play the role of strategic partners. Really good university should become a enterprise change management enabler, most of China's corporate university reform is needed to change its original work center of gravity, from the previous transaction transfer to the role of the role of the more strategic significance. As Wang Dianping puts it, 'the domestic most of the traditional corporate universities need to reform, and the meaningful reform will shift their feelings, to change the behavior of the students, eventually become actuates the instrumentality of the enterprise management brings to the enterprise and the students can see and touch the bonus! ”
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