The rubber shallow small automatic batching system

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] Rubber material small automatic batching system is analysed joyu P automatic batching system design according to customer's inventory, precision of solution. Basically divided into categories: in weight. G ~ KG and in precision. Kg are collectively referred to as micro scale. On from a technical point, micro scale is now the highest technical requirements, are widely used in the rubber industry. Such as: rubber products: rubber hose, rubber roller, rubber wire and cable, rubber belt, shoes materials, the material material, brake pads, seals, there are a lot of customers in use at present. Ingredients in KG weight above, in precision. KG wait kind basically referred to as aniseed batching system, widely used in feed, chemical industry and architecture. G ~ KG weight, in precision. Kg is called small material batching system, widely used in the industries of feed, chemical additives, etc. Small rubber material part of the hardware composition and principle of automatic batching system, weighing device, mixing tank and storage tank. Raw material tank, weighing device, mixing tank, storage tank and the foaming line through a feed pipe are connected in turn; Set in each feed pipe valves, and even have a pump. Test kit contains micro switch and liquid level detection device. Executive components including mixer, valves and pumps. Agitator tank in ingredients, each respectively equipped with valve in the feed pipe, and even have a pump. Controller has instructions receiving unit and sending unit, command receiver unit connecting the weighing device and testing components, receiving inspection information, and send the unit connection components. PC connected to the controller, testing information receiving within the controller and display, and receive the external control instruction. The batching process without staff participation, so as to improve the production efficiency, reduce the cost. Rubber small automatic batching system can realize:, enclosed ingredients, professional dust collection system; Refueling easy to clean, no residual scrap. Section of the feed speed, airtight wind design, fast delivery, measurement. A variety of combination of form a complete set of measurement, meet different needs. VAT amount digital control to provide real-time stock information. Can add formula measuring bar code management, no mistakes. Rubber material small automatic batching system success stories: rubber plastic rubber small automatic batching system is the key working procedure, is indispensable to mixer mixing equipment, batching accuracy directly affects the quality of the plastic and rubber, is an indispensable part of the automatic control field. http / / www。 他。 com. cn/
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