The new method to make cheaper solar cell is simple

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] New ways to make Solar cells to make cheaper simple globledata P Crystal Solar method simplifies the manufacturing process of silicon wafers, and no longer need some expensive equipment. South Korea hanwha solarone co ( Hanwha SolarOne) Shows the new silicon wafer manufacturing technology made the first commercial scale solar panels. In the solar cell, the part of the silicon wafer is one of the most expensive. This new technology is by the Santa Clara, California startup Crystal Solar development, made out of wafer thickness is less than the conventional/wafer. Waste in the process of this technology in manufacturing silicon is less than the traditional process, and greatly reduced the manufacture of equipment needed for wafer, therefore has the potential to reduce the cost of a wafer in half. The wafer of the cost of the whole solar panel manufacturing/even half. Hanwha bought thousands of dollars worth of Crystal Solar, share, and help it to push the technology to market. New technology and hanwha and Crystal the relationship between the Solar can be how to continue to cut the traditional model of silicon Solar cells cost. A few years ago, the manufacturing cost less than $per watt of solar panels in outlook, seem irrelevant, this view allows investors to pour money into other technology can replace silicon solar panels, such as thin film solar cells. But it's also true that the solar panels of the manufacturing cost has been reduced to $per watt within, it also causes many startups bankruptcy in thin film solar cells. Crystal can challenge did not attempt to develop a new technology of silicon solar panels, but to development can be easily integrated into existing silicon panels manufacturing technologies. And it also does not have to make solar panels, but to have manufacturing experience of hanwha subordinate companies. Startups generally lack of manufacturing experience, many of which failed is unable to reduce manufacturing costs. Conventional solar cells, the main component of silicon wafer manufacturing method includes the following steps: first, to produce high purity silicon ( Polysilicon) And then make polycrystalline silicon melting, carefully cooling monocrystalline silicon rods, and then get the wafer cutting silicon rod. The whole process of large equipment, high and began to expensive high purity silicon half is wasted. In the early stages of the traditional production process to from a gas containing silicon and other elements to extract pure silicon. Crystal Solar, developed a method for the gas could be used directly to produce crystalline silicon wafer chip, remove the manufacture of polysilicon, let its melting and crystallization, and then the cutting step. Chip manufacturing is using such technology, but this version of the efficiency and speed are much higher. Hanwha solarone co of the company's chief technology officer Chris & #; Mr Berlusconi ShiPei xie ( 克里斯Eberspacher) Said that this method not only reduces the waste of silicon, also needed to make a wafer to remove the most expensive equipment, thus reducing the cost. Mr Bei ShiPei xie said that for hanwha, oneself to develop similar technology not only has a risk and take years of time. So the company decided to look for startup for innovation. 'In this way, we don't have to choose a kind of technology,' he said, 'we can take a startup is developing technology, and choose the best. That makes our actions more quickly. 'Bei ShiPei xie said Crystal Solar still trying to reduce costs, for example reducing the cost of the machine manufacturing wafer and increase the number of the wafer they can produce. He said that if Crystal Solar technology can continue to achieve a new milestone, hanwha it in years to use this technology to the commercialization of the products.
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