The investment bank lift construction tide of China's manufacturing cable by ship

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] The investment bank lift construction tide of China's manufacturing cable take the ship globledata P sluggish recovery in the global economy and global infrastructure construction under the background of there is a huge gap, dominated by China's infrastructure construction as the main business of the Asian infrastructure investment bank ( AIIB) ( Hereinafter referred to as 'the bank') In just a year attracted nearly country. The establishment of the investment bank heralds the huge demand for infrastructure construction such as traffic, electric power, at the same time will create huge cable market. As the investment bank entered the founder members to apply for the countdown, intention to apply for the investment Banks is close to a founding member of countries and regions, including Britain, Germany, France and Italy and other European developed countries. The establishment of the investment bank is mainly for infrastructure construction. This is also an important message: Asian and global infrastructure construction of a new round of high tide is coming. At present, whether developed countries or developing countries, infrastructure construction there is a huge demand gap. , including the main developed countries, there is a huge infrastructure construction history of debt, such as transportation, electric power, water conservancy, upgrades and new urgent need. In Asia, southeast Asia, South Asia and central Asia are successively issued infrastructure investment plan. Include: Indonesia in mid $investment plan; The Vietnamese government to years $infrastructure construction plan; Thailand $years investment plan; India $rail infrastructure plan. The international monetary fund ( 国际货币基金组织(IMF) In last month's world economic outlook report, said in the past years, in the developed, emerging and developing economies, public capital stock in a significant reduction in the proportion of output, indicates that there are large infrastructure needs in the future. Some existing infrastructure developed economies have failed to keep pace with the development of The Times. According to the Mckinsey Global Institute estimates that in the future Global infrastructure construction demand will reach trillions of dollars, and in accordance with the countries all over the world in the past year the speed of the infrastructure spending ( Except for China) That will not be able to meet future huge infrastructure needs. With the support of Banks and other financial institutions, huge infrastructure projects have the financial support, not only can greatly improve the infrastructure in the region, is more advantageous to release the huge potential consumption in the region, which will help digestion of excess production capacity, to promote global economic recovery. Infrastructure requirements, cable market. China's dominance of the investment bank, aimed at the global infrastructure construction, can also take advantage of an opportunity for cable enterprises in China, with the investment behavior, the wire and cable with infrastructure projects 'output' to Asia and the world.
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