The development trend of cable products and market forecast

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] Cable products and market forecasts the development trend of Shanghai electric cable research institute of Shanghai electric cable research institute heibaocjp P show exhibition & lt; DIV风格= '显示没有' id = = profile_container js_profile_qrcode类> < DIV class = profile_inner> Shanghai electric cable research institute show WeChat ID XianLanZhan function of welcome attention from Shanghai electric cable research institute @ cable on exhibition. On line by the service industry more than 50 years, spread to new ideas, the exchange new technology for cable industry, spare no effort to build and expand the cable manufacturing at home and abroad show, information, trade and cooperation platform; Long cable wire at home and abroad and relevant professional academic conference, sponsored by the international and domestic cable wire related exhibition & lt; / DIV> < / DIV> < DIV id = js_content class = rich_media_content> Wire Show cable exhibition as the basis of industry system accessories, cable cover a wide range of applications in the next few years, there will be some cable market got rapid progress, some cable products will have broad market demand. In the use of overhead lines will significantly increase the current China's northern, central and southern provinces networking and gradually achieve the national, the application of ultra-high voltage, large capacity overhead lines ( Northwest KV lines, the rest of KV lines) The overhead lines with % in the rose. In addition, the medium pressure ~ KV cable products demand also will increase significantly, or in % year-on-year growth. The urban adopts double loop network power supply and downtown areas, the underground cable will greatly increased rate of medium voltage cable to use. At present most of the city planning department emphasizes the urban underground cable power supply, some cities have already put this request on local laws and regulations, this bring greater opportunities for medium voltage power distribution cable. Building wiring output will be super % in recent years, although the real estate industry in the cold, but the construction industry as the important industry of the century, it will give building wire and other electrical equipment opportunities brought by the cables. Both residential houses and office buildings and shopping malls planet, will use a lot of all kinds of cable products. At the same time, along with the consumer to the requirement of living conditions continue to increase, the demand for residential intelligent with various professional network construction, wire and cable to bring huge market. Expected future output value of the building wiring will be more than % in the wire and cable industry. New energy electricity cable Marketing Department to be reckoned with along with the rapid development of new energy industry, new energy use cable products market is also to be reckoned with, nuclear power, for example, in the future several years, new energy industry will be more and more government support. And technological progress will make the use of new energy cost is declining, has become an increasingly important economic value and social environmental benefits. Movements in the past year, the new energy plate entire significantly better than the broader market, Shanghai and shenzhen stock market new long-term investment value of the energy sector, we prefer to maintain 'recommended' investment rating. New energy vehicles, for example, as the important measures to control air pollution in our country, will continue to have strong support from policy, has good prospects for development. Investment in new energy automotive industry, we follow the whole industry chain of logical relationship roadmap, which focus on the vehicle, the core components, upstream ore resource and charging equipment sectors. Power battery is the core of the new energy vehicles, particularly in power battery group and powertrain. At present our country's far couldn't keep up with the needs of the development of electric vehicle charging pile, 'charge difficult is the electric car's biggest bottleneck in our country. Charging pile construction incentives will be issued into the acceleration. Tesla public patent can help new energy automobile industry development. Solar photovoltaic cable market will also benefit from the solar photovoltaic industry has also attracted many investors eye, solar energy photovoltaic industry development potential, will give the injected power cable industry also endless. Solar photovoltaic industry as China from photovoltaic manufacturing power to pv installed power. At present domestic photovoltaic power station development mainly includes the ground and distributed photovoltaic power station. For the power station on the ground, some industry experts think the mature business model, is the most benefited link in the chain. Submarine cable market will reach favor in respect of wind power, because the demand side to the supply and the conduction of the recovery. To curb abandon wind power rationing, guide benign development of the industry, the national related department issued a series of supporting policies, wind power industry in the recovery. Offshore wind power is the future development trend. Offshore wind operating experience, or with offshore wind power machine and spare parts supporting capacity of the company will be relatively more benefit. Wire and cable industry as an important supporting industry, offshore wind power cable and other products will be popular with the market. Automotive wire will continue to grow in addition, the development of the city will lead to the development of urban rail transit, will lead to the application of various kinds of flame retardant cable. Tunnel and subway station lighting electricity cable is also a major bright spot. And with the rapid development of the domestic enterprise industry, also will bring rapid development to automotive cable and enameled wire. Such as automobile and motorcycle industry corresponding to two main categories: enameled wire thread with cars. Auto enameled wire, car sales soar with lines, in the next few years, the demand will continue about % will be long. Today, the order of low voltage cable of domestic enterprises in the industry constantly norms, market environment gradually health at the same time, through continuously improve its own strength and the continuous extension of products and services, cable industry as the electronics industry in China, such as spring breeze, vigorous development. ( Source: the zhongguancun online) < /DIV>
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