The development of new energy car battery pile construction must be first

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] The development of new energy vehicles must first globledata P, charging pile construction, the State Council premier li keqiang reigned in the 12th National People's Congress meeting three times the government work report, made clear that to 'support the development of new energy vehicles, and other strategic emerging industries', 'promotion of new energy vehicles, motor vehicle exhaust, improve the quality of product standards and'. In the past year, China's new energy automotive industry from product launch to form a complete set of policy, there were obvious. However, sales of new energy vehicles is not optimistic. Tesla, for example, the original plan is to sell cars in China, however, according to the China association of imported cars, according to China registration amount for units in tesla even less than half of the original plan. Investigate its reason, mainly is because the Chinese market is not a complete infrastructure, new energy industry that tesla inevitably encounter 'Waterloo'. China to promote new energy vehicles, charging pile construction to advance, fortunately, the Chinese government is making efforts. (date) (month) (year), the ministry of operation monitoring and coordination bureau chief lisa zheng said the years, China has built a charging station, a charging pile. Beijing self-use within the scope of charging pile has been installed, involving a village, one of the most village installed a charging pile; The point of the city has a public charging pile, a total of a public charging pile, including % within five rings. 'Easy filling net' will be introduced and charging pile electronic map, convenient owner to charge. Years will also through the cell arrangement in use, with 'electric car mobile charging treasure' to relieve the difficulty of electric vehicle charging. Project of zhejiang province expressway service area will be built fast charging pile. City, in hangzhou, for example, the current hangzhou has built dock in power station, a charging pile, which was put into operation in downtown hangzhou, filling in a power station. In hangzhou area, a new energy car to find the nearest charging station, as long as you drive. Kilometers. Priorities in zhejiang electric power project in construction of expressway service area fast charging stations in the province, drive electric cars out of the city, province, soon will no longer be a dream. At the same time, the charging station network system has been successfully opened the beijing-shanghai high-speed, every km there is an electric car fast charging stations; Beijing municipal science and technology commission also converted into electric vehicle charging pile at pilot will light. 。 。 。 。 。 Sales in the United States, tesla can realize the rapid growth of basic guarantee lies in its current has a super charging station, across the east and west coasts. Similarly, China to promote new energy vehicles, adequate and convenient charging stations must also is the foundation.
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