The advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of carbon fiber and metal heating cable, me

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] The advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of carbon fiber and metal heating cable editrice globledata P heating cable radiant heating system at present in China there are two common: one kind is metal heating cable material, another is based on infrared carbon fiber heating material of the cable. For hot metal heating cable material, heating principle is: metal wire after electrify, due to its resistance to heat, then heat out in the form of heat conduction. For carbon fiber cable heating principle of heating material is the voltage on both ends of carbon fiber, far infrared carbon fiber far infrared radiation energy outward. Import or domestic import heating cables, heating cable in European and American countries has played a pivotal role in early heating, to enter the Chinese market in recent years. Domestic cable manufacturer also hope to begin production in the floor heating market of beer. Technical level is relatively complicated, simple production process. Construction efficiency, the effect is obvious. Especially suitable for ceramic tile marble cement in combination with the engineering, etc. Intel some cable coiling way easily integrated with cement, ensure long-term flat on the ground and stability. Cables are often higher than the domestic heating cable imports on the price. Heating cable pavement flexible and can be applied to any area and family. But because of fever, is a traditional wire technology processes improper, after electrify prone to electromagnetic radiation, for the elderly, children, pregnant women will produce adverse effect. So manufacturers by setting the shield alive to change the metal ingredients and wiring method to compensate for the electromagnetic double guide way, played a role. Two kinds of heating cable compared, the advantages and disadvantages in contrast: ( ) Electricity floor heating due to the temperature requirements need frequent start working system, current more stable more energy when it is started. Metal cable is a series circuit, the carbon fiber heating cable is a parallel circuit, so the carbon fiber heating cable floor heating system startup current is stable. ( ) Mode of heat transfer: metal cable floor heating system in conduction way, carbon fiber heating cable floor heating system % above the heat energy in far infrared way, using the driving property of the far-infrared can achieve low heating ( The body temperature perception) 。 Contrast, security: carbon fiber heating cable for the parallel circuit makes each root hair hotline is not greater than current. A, metal cable every point current is consistent with the carbon fiber heating cable traffic more than A dozen times, carbon fiber heating cable electromagnetic radiation small, metal cable electromagnetic radiation needs to take measures. , the health care function: carbon fiber heating cable floor heating system is more than % by far infrared heat energy, and the wavelength for um, when two Duan Bo appearance when interaction can produce resonance phenomenon. Is the biology and the human body, human body % % above is formed by water molecules, under the effect of resonance, the first activate the vibration of the water molecules, and produce a series of physiological reaction, can promote human body cells in the skin and subcutaneous tissue temperature rise, make human body produce heat transfer from inner to outer, promote and improve the body's blood circulation; Is conducive to eliminate tiredness and the body function recovery and enhance metabolism, improve human immunity. , life: heating element will appear oxidation, oxidation power attenuation, the attenuation degree of decision lifespan. Nonmetallic material carbon carbon fiber heating cable used for the heating element, thus it can be ensure the heating element under the low temperature oxidation, life can guarantee in years. Metal cable in power attenuation are only different attenuation degree of manufacturer is different, the craft is different. , process control difficulty: carbon fiber cable because of the parallel connection, contact more, complicated process control, any contact is bad ( Whether good contact, whether good insulation) Will affect the overall, relative metal cable is much more complicated, it is carbon fiber cable than metal cable is the main reason of good promotion. Above all, carbon fiber cable than metal cable advantages still more apparent, as long as the connector is used to improve the safety, carbon fiber cable will get large area is used in engineering. Like to participate in the project promotion, be sure to understanding of the enterprise joint technology of production of the product, whether product production process, sub process is advanced. Such as milk, carbon fiber heating cable has simple pre-installed avionics waterproof plug, carbon fiber parts and metal fittings are firmly welded inside the cable, need only unarmed when installation operation, even women can also be in accordance with the specifications put myself line construction.
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