The 85th session of China's electronics at shenzhen in April

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] The first session of China's electronics show debuted in shenzhen heibaocjp P three session of China's electronics show has ended, coming in the first session of China's electronics show, in the New Year, to all the exhibitors, the organizing committee of the Chinese electronics show, media and audience, association, supporting units focus on the exhibition's friends the most sincere blessings. Thanks to many electronics industry tongren support and continuous attention, with China electronics show through 50 years of history. China electronics as the top event in electronics industry and will be in the first session of conference in shenzhen to build a bigger, more professional, more authoritative event in electronics industry and continue to work hard, also expect more professional opinions and Suggestions to promote the growth of China's electronics show. Electronics industry event (date) (month) (year), the first session of China's electronics show will be hand in hand to the third China electronic information exposition held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center. The exhibition is the only base built by the China electronics corporation key electronic exhibition, has several successful exhibition experience and professional team, is currently the largest of China's electronics industry brand exhibition. The exhibition with its unique professional, authoritative, normative to win the public reputation, and actively participate in. As the engine of the development of the industry professional exhibition, the organizing committee will be concluded on the basis of previous successful experience in the exhibition, give full play to the shenzhen huge market advantages, integration of resources, expand the propaganda, form a complete set of activities, with high standard, high standard, high efficiency as the starting point, close to the market, service customers, strengthen the enterprise and the government, associations, media, communication, exchange and cooperation between entrepreneurs and develop multi-level market for exhibitors to build the international and domestic brand promotion platform. Currently entrepreneurs, signing up a booth, ostentatious work completed stage. Seven exhibition stunning appearance according to the nature of the exhibitors, the organizing committee divided into seven zones including connectors, relays, resistance capacitance, separation devices, instrumentation equipment, new energy, LED lithium electricity. Connectors, relays, resistance capacitance, separation device of components area have always been a feature of the Chinese electronics, shown on the exhibition of new products, new technology is very popular from the professional audience. In addition to the original leading companies in Qingdao three jade-like stone, and the United States and China aviation photoelectric, guizhou aerospace, jiangsu, shaanxi, sichuan star forever, changzhou galaxy, Warwick huaxing, hui new era, loose fill instantaneous ray, jun yao electronics, science and technology, Shanghai huiming photoelectric, crown peak electronic semiconductor, dalian, China electronics technology group, ningbo ford relay, jie jie microelectronics, shaanxi jinshan electrical appliances, remo electronics, guangzhou love pu, and xing technology, a German connectors to continue participation, mediatek, spreadtrum, China resources, smic, siyuan semiconductor, the addition of new coastline will form of Asia's most high-end watch high-end components area. Instruments exhibition as the advantage of China's electronics exhibition, exhibition every year together nearly two hundreds of instrument makers and demonstration area of nearly square meters, all previous exhibition attracted the agilent, force, tektronix, fluke, national instruments, FLIR, ai, Asia Pacific, Ed cox, Germany rod and Schwartz, rosenberg, figure, German resistance to chi, Japan kyoritsu, day, yokogawa, chrysanthemum water, went, Ed, Taiwan solid weft, CLP, shi measurement and control, rigol, tt, number of the instrument, with hui, hangzhou, nanjing long distance, high interest, ceprei laboratory, shenzhen measurement quality inspection institute such industry leaders, make the audience understand the latest industry trends in the first time and advanced technology, is a good display of instrument and meter industry recognized communication platform, is the industry recognized brand. Lithium electricity new energy exhibition is the national Ministry of Commerce, national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China electronics ( CEC) The key support of new energy. The exhibition to create perfect lithium electricity industry chain, service of the new energy economy. The main display of lithium battery, power battery, fuel cell, lithium, lithium electricity production equipment, new energy vehicles, energy storage application system, etc. 'China electronics show LED pavilion' to achieve resource integration, information comprehensive advantages, very large scale. Adhering to the introduction of buyers to exhibitors, for the purpose of the buyers recommend exhibitors, with a pragmatic concept, excellent service, large user groups and rich technical exchange activities dedicated to the participating merchants, will show the latest technology in the industry, new material, new technology, new products, fully present the latest industry trends and development trend, seek cooperation, develop the market for exhibitors to promote brand, provide platform. The commitment of the organizing committee, through the exhibition, will provide the exhibitors and demanders make long-term platform of information exchange communication, and timely provide information to buyers. Let every exhibitors harvest joy, let every audience worthwhile.
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