The 2015 edition of submarine cable map publishing

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] Version of the submarine cable map release heibaocjp P cable online & lt; DIV id = = rich_media_thumb_wrp媒体类> < SCRIPT>( 函数( ) { var =“http / / mmbiz封面。 qpic。 cn/mmbiz/woJtNCQLlruXgWLWFZYmEzNdKYWwviaUldHmWlPnWqYgScEOaeBEKvbrSOCrcHhiauuFDStA/’; 文档。 write( & #; < img类= ' rich_media_thumb ' id =“js_cover”onerror = '。 parentNode。 removeChild( 这一点) ' datasrc='&#; +封面+ & #; ' /> & #; ) ; } ) ( ) ; < /脚本> < / DIV> < DIV id = js_content class = rich_media_content> Telegeography telecom geographic magazine released by global map of submarine cable. Sponsored by the Hong Kong PCCW's edition is a combination of global submarine cable map drawing elements of the middle ages and Renaissance, salute to great maritime era map carvers. Not only can the map as a navigation tool, also shows the design aesthetics, once lost through an era of lens to provide today's global submarine cable network in the world. Although design aesthetics is to restore ancient ways, but the map contains data is the latest, it detailed describes the serving articles of submarine cable system and building submarine cable. Also, Telegeography in such a splendid map with illustrations depict common submarine cable fault reasons, including the mysterious sea monster & lt; /DIV>
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