Talking about the anti-freezing skills of wire and cable

by:AAA     2020-03-31
Because the wire and cable are overhead outdoors, the surface is easy to cover with snow and ice. When the weight of the ice exceeds the bearing capacity of the wire and cable, it is easy to cause the cable to pull the transmission tower, or pull the pole, and the cable itself to break. Then, in order to avoid this situation, there are two ways to alleviate: 1, first of all, in the selection of materials to pay attention to the choice of cables that can withstand the cold. Due to the ice and snow falling on the cable and the gaps between the cables, the center of gravity of the cable tends to be inclined to the part with snow, thus generating a force that makes the cable rotate, the snowball rolls bigger and bigger, and finally breaks. Therefore, cable rotation is the main cause of icing. However, if the cable is a hard conductor, when the snow accumulates enough, it is not easy to reverse, and the snow will automatically fall off the wire. At the same time, due to the different hard density of the cable, when the snow gradually solidifies to the ice, it will automatically crack to a certain extent. Therefore, some manufacturers have developed new high-voltage overhead cables with Aero-Z new high voltage overhead conductor is famous in the world. Iceland and Czechoslovakia, the coldest countries in the world, both use this AERO-Z wire. 2. Secondly, apply antifreeze coating on wires and cables. The so-called antifreeze coating is actually a kind of high temperature thermal insulation coating or reflective thermal insulation coating. The aim is to achieve the purpose of anti-freezing through heat preservation. In addition, it generally has the functions of waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-cracking, fire prevention, insulation, etc. Anti-freeze coatings on the market have different types according to the research and development capabilities of each enterprise. Therefore, more comparison and inspection are needed when purchasing.
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