Rapid growth of investment in uhv in the past two years, 210 billion to be the size of the market

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] Uhv rapid growth of investment in the past two years than the size of the market to be exploited heibaocjp P Wire Show cable exhibition 】 In the past few years, uhv ac uhv especially experienced heated debate, the construction progress is slow. At the beginning of SGC proposed 'six in four straight' uhv project, and hope can be approved and start for years. Also at the beginning of this national conference on energy, the article puts forward the construction of power transmission channel planning, and according to the previous reports, shortly before the beginning of the National Energy Administration has recently issued formal documents approval of power transmission channel, the prophase work, including combined have given clear involving its straight uhv engineering construction scheme, construction schedule and first clear line, and plans to begin production in full before the end of the year. From China's energy structure and regional distribution, large capacity over a long distance transmission line construction is imperative, though the dispute uhv ac is still inconclusive, but accelerated the construction of uhv is determined, so relevant enterprises of uhv business will benefit from this and is likely to remain ~ years of high growth. , according to media reports, the state grid uhv line construction planning for '5 to 8 straight', the article, including the stake in changsha, such as yu heng weifang uhv ac and XiMeng jiangsu, shandong, jiangsu, Shanghai temple in shanxi stake in hubei uhv dc lines are in the planning. Construction plan, according to the bureau of energy had made previously expected annual pay straight uhv line put into operation, in a straight uhv line put into operation, the total investment may be controlled in one hundred million yuan.
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