Priorities will throw 420 billion yuan to build power grid in 2015

by:AAA     2020-04-06
( Industry news] Priorities will throw one hundred million yuan to build power grid heibaocjp P news from years working meeting of state grid company, the company in recent years, power grid construction investment continues to surge, used in power grid investment funds of one hundred million yuan, the annual growth. %; In power grid investment one hundred million yuan, year-on-year growth %. In the meeting, according to data released, its plan starts ( ) Kv and above communication lines. Thousands of kilometers, substation capacity. Hundred kva, dc line. Thousands of kilometers, changing flow capacity. Million kilowatts; Put into production, ) Kv and above communication lines. Thousands of kilometers, substation capacity. Hundred kva. Will be built in kuqa - Kashgar transmission line key projects, to ensure that the northwest kv ZhuWangJia further perfect. State grid's highest-profile investment focus in the field of uhv and smart grid construction. Uhv aspects, construction of the 'three pay has been' put into, 'one in four straight' project. The smart grid, years will be a new generation of intelligent substation, installing smart meters ten thousand, implementation. Household electricity automatic information acquisition. State grid distribution network construction investment will also usher in a new upsurge in years. Years to complete a key urban areas, a key urban core distribution network construction, focus on urban distribution network automation coverage more than %. National grid will be used in time to complete the rural 'low voltage' comprehensive treatment. In 'low voltage' will solve wanhu and contact provids a county power grid is weak; To complete. Thousands of homes,. Population of thousands without power electricity task, comprehensive implementation within the scope of power grid 'household electricity'.
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