Prime minister of the capacity and the equipment manufacturing 3 x3 new model for China power meet an unprecedented good opportunity

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] Prime minister of the new mode capacity and equipment manufacturing x China power unprecedented opportunities to meet P prime minister li keqiang recently proposed capacity and equipment manufacturing 'x' in the new mode of cooperation, met unprecedented opportunities to the development of China's electric power. For the 'x' pattern, China will set up a production capacity of the special fund of cooperation, to provide hundred million dollar funding, support of the project cooperation in the field of production and equipment manufacturing. According to li keqiang, the prime minister's speech, China will fit the demand of the Latin American countries, set up power, such as three channel to achieve interconnectivity Latin American continent. Chinese enterprises will be, together with Latin American companies with efficient electricity transmission and smart grid connected power channel of Latin American countries. Latin America has a total area of about square kilometers, about population. , the market size, and Latin America has rich water, sun, wind, biomass and other conditions, but the power and energy gap. Latin America has such unique natural resources, these resources once large-scale development, power generation potential across the region can be achieved in electricity demand of The Times. Latin American countries generally welcomed Chinese companies to participate in Latin American power and other large projects construction, and looking forward to further expand the scale of cooperation. Chinese firms can take this opportunity to let China brand gain greater recognition. If cooperation in building power channel, for the development of Chinese electric power industry, it is an unprecedented good opportunity.
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