Power grid construction under a golden period: in 2020, a total investment of 6 trillion yuan

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Power grid construction under a golden QiNian gymf P power grid construction with a total investment of one trillion yuan next gold QiNian has a total investment of one trillion yuan, chairman of the CPPCC national committee, the state grid company him, said from year to year will invest in national power grid. Trillions of the construction of uhv grid project, etc. It is estimated that this. Trillions of investment can drive the related industrial trillions, total investment will reach. One trillion trillions of dollars. Him, said to the year, the national power grid planning to invest one hundred billion yuan to one trillion yuan, built into the national grid of uhv ac backbone network frame and inter-district uhv dc project, plus other power grid investment, total investment will reach. Trillions. Through calculation, the. Trillions of investment quota assigned to each year to one trillion yuan, power grid investment will reach of China's GDP. % %. Guangzhou international exhibition HTTP / / wirecable wire and cable and accessories. gymf。 com. Cn show time: (date) (month) (year) exhibition location: China, guangzhou, China import and export commodities fair exhibition hall area C. And. # hall exhibits scope: wire and cable, Ultra-high pressure and ultra-high voltage, high voltage, medium voltage, low voltage, low voltage wire and cable, cable accessories) , optical fiber cable ( Single-mode fiber, multimode optical fiber and single mode fiber, multimode fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable accessories) , equipment, materials, All kinds of cable manufacturing and finishing machines, testing instruments, all kinds of cable materials, etc. ) Show email: wire @ China. messefrankfurt。 Com exhibition consultation:
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