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Power cable maintenance matters that should pay attention to, when test

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] Matters that should pay attention to power cable inspection, test xianlan P power cables as part of the electric power line, because of its low probability of failure, safe and reliable, flexible and widely used. But once out of order, maintenance is difficult, the risk is big, so should pay special attention in the inspection and test. Matters needing attention in the work must be confirmed need to repair the cable. Need to repair the cable can be divided into categories: terminal head faults and cable body surface has obvious cable fault point. This kind of cable fault, fault indications is obvious, easy to confirm. ( ) No cable surface exposed cable fault point. For this type of fault cable, in addition to check the information, the name of the verification cable, also must use cable identification device, which can identify the distinguish from the other running electric cables, especially in the same section, when there were so many cable strictly distinguish between the need to repair the cable and other electric cable is particularly important. At the same time it also can effectively prevent mistake cable due to cable signs line fault, cause WuDuan electric cable accidents. Sawing cable must have reliable safety protection measures. Cut through the cable before, must confirm it is need to cut off the cable and the cable without electricity, and then, with the ground (with wooden handle It is better to epoxy resin handle) Iron solder nail into the cable core before work. Help with wooden handle insulating gloves should be worn and stood on the insulating mat, should pay special attention to ensure good iron solder grounded. ( ) Work for mobile cables, should be careful, avoid by all means passing, protected from damage to the other cable. Cable head must be installed according to the requirements of process, ensure the quality, no accidents. Cable after repair, should be carefully checked at the ends of the cable phase, first take the original color logo, combined with the right color logo, color confusion in case of the old and new phase. Pay attention to hundred million more cable knowledge route line cable mall
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