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Nike: aviation with cable demand forecast increase 3% in 2015

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] Nexon: air years with cable demand forecast to add % useful P the world's second largest cable manufacturer France nexon has released at the Paris air show in air with cable, the white paper - — 'A new generation of aviation cable and cable solution' ( 创新下一代航空电缆和布线解决方案) , in white paper disclosed the air line the main trend and challenges. Nexon revealed in the white paper, in the global commercial and air defense line market demand is expected to increase %. Mentioned in the paper, for the commercial aviation passenger safety is the primary factor. As pioneers of fire safety and high quality cable, security is a key factor in the development of Nike's cable. Nexon in the white paper details the plane how to choose the safety of cable solutions to improve the entertainment and comfort of passengers, lose weight at the same time. Nexon, points out that the jet fuel is one of the main cost airlines, % of the total cost. Moreover, reduce weight has a significant effect on profits. Each plane or a helicopter carrying hundreds of kilometers of cable and how to reduce the cable quality at the same time does not affect the safety, performance and reliability are the main challenges facing designers. Nexon aviation sales manager Fabien Bouvier said. 'it is committed to improve passenger experience, not only satisfy each safety standards, to meet the demand of passenger comfort, entertainment and connectivity, etc. Released a white paper redefined the electrical architecture, reduce maintenance costs and fuel consumption, create more green environmental protection. ”
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