How to solve the problem of copper and aluminum wiring in transmission lines?

by:AAA     2020-03-14
In enterprises or civil transmission lines, the problem of mutual electrical connection among copper bars, aluminum bars, copper-aluminum cables and wiring terminals is often encountered. In these connections, as long as the two ends of the connection are made of copper and aluminum, the problem of copper and aluminum joints will be encountered. According to historical experience, if the copper-aluminum connection does not take certain measures, it is easy to cause electrical faults such as power supply line disconnection, short circuit and power failure at the connection point due to heating, corrosion and disconnection. If you want the copper-aluminum joint to be as firm as the same material joint, there are the following measures: 1. When the aluminum wire is connected to the copper terminal (For example, the aluminum cable is connected to the air switch), Copper-aluminum transition terminals are required (Line nose) , This kind of copper-aluminum transition terminal, copper-aluminum is a casting combination, the contact surface is a molecular gap, there will be no copper-aluminum joint drawbacks. 2, copper Aluminum copper wire: copper aluminum transition wiring pipe. 3. Copper wire connected to aluminum bar: copper tube aluminum head copper aluminum transition line terminal is adopted, but due to the small dosage of this terminal, it is not easy to buy in the market, the method adopted by the author in practice is to press a copper bar with a plurality of bolts on the aluminum bar at the joint and connect the copper wire terminals on the side of the copper bar as long as the contact surface is fully large, it can also solve the problem of copper and aluminum joints. 4. Aluminum row connecting copper row: it should be more than twice as long as the overlapping length of common same metal, and more bolts should be compacted. 5. The aluminum row is connected to the air switch: first connect a copper row on the air switch, and then do it according to Article 4. 6. Coating a small amount of white Vaseline on the joint of aluminum row can reduce the corrosion of aluminum row.
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