How does the cable salesman visit the customer for the first time?

by:AAA     2020-03-08
How does the cable salesman visit the customer for the first time? The following points are summarized: 1. The preparation before the meeting must not be neglected. Only when you are prepared can you win. Product knowledge and expertise, company qualifications and advantages, what to say when meeting (Be sure to be brief and in place)Wait. Think about the opening remarks, questions to ask, words to say, and possible answers before seeing the customer. To do 'know yourself and know yourself', so as to truly know yourself and know yourself. 2. Keep the appointment on time: 'I don't respect your time '. There is no excuse for being late. If you can't avoid being late, you must call before the appointed time to apologize. I believe that going out in advance is the only way to avoid being late. 3. Clothing cannot make a perfect person, but 90% of the impression given by the first meeting comes from clothing. Etiquette, appearance, speech and behavior are the sources of the impression of getting along well with others, and sales representatives must make more efforts in this respect. I don't like my salesman wearing a red and green T-shirt to meet my customers. I at least ask for a shirt and a briefcase that must be leather. 4. We can't reach a deal with every customer we visit, but we should try our best to visit more customers to increase the percentage of transactions. When visiting customers, we should believe in a principle that 'even if you fall down, you must catch a handful of sand '. This means that the sales representative cannot return empty-handed. Even if you visit a customer who has no demand for the time being and cannot make a deal, you must find a way to let him introduce you to a new customer. 5. For customers, always pay attention to the topics and hobbies that customers like, and talk to him more about what he likes. Pay attention to his every move and you can do whatever you want. The result of the conversation is not important, but the atmosphere of the process is very important. When we chat with purchasing, the topic is not important. We should pay attention to the content of the conversation and the process and atmosphere of our conversation. If we talk happily one day, our feelings will be very close. After many days, we often forget what we were talking about at that time and only remember when we had a good chat. In fact, the purchase is the same, the price we will have a quotation to him, the quality we have a quality recognition book to him, the delivery we will stamp the signature back to him; Therefore, as long as we do a good job outside the business, it is best to talk about the issues that she/he is interested in.
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