How do cable salespeople do a good job in telemarketing?

by:AAA     2020-03-07
Cable sales personnel should master telephone sales skills. Telephone is a sharp weapon, because telephone has no boundaries, saving time and economy, at the same time, telemarketing can reach more customers in an hour than face-to-face direct marketing. What skills do telemarketing need, and what problems should be paid attention? The following is a brief talk: 1. Preparation skills. Before making a phone call, you must prepare the following messages: 1)The name and title of the potential customer; 2)Enterprise name and business nature; 3)Think about the reasons for calling potential customers; 4)Prepare what to say 5)Think about the questions that potential customers may ask; 6)Think about how to deal with the customer's refusal. It is best to write the above points on the note paper. 2. The skills after the phone is connected. Next, let's look at the skills after the phone is connected. Generally speaking, the first person to answer the phone is the switchboard. You should politely say the name of the potential customer you are looking for in a firm tone; The next person to answer the phone is the secretary, who probably has a task-- Reject the phone calls that the bosses think are unnecessary. Therefore, you must introduce yourself briefly and make the secretary feel that what you want to talk about with the boss is very important. Remember not to say too much. 3. Skills to arouse interest. When potential customers pick up the phone, after you introduce yourself briefly and politely, you should arouse the interest of potential customers in the shortest possible time. 4. The skill of telling the reasons for telephone calls should have different reasons for different potential customers according to your preparation materials for potential customers. Remember, if the purpose of your call is to make an appointment with potential customers, don't talk too much about sales on the phone. 5. The skill of ending the phone call. The phone call is not suitable for selling or explaining any complicated products. You cannot judge his reaction from the customer's expression and behavior, and there is no 'meeting three points' basis, it is easy to be rejected. Therefore, you must use the skills of ending the phone more effectively to end the phone conversation immediately after achieving your goal.
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