Five picture tell you the pace of renewable energy development

by:AAA     2020-04-06
( Industry news] Five picture tell you that the eu's renewable energy development pace globledata P according to the European Union has just released by the European Union countries renewable energy development, according to the interim report deadline at the end of the year, the European Union renewable energy structure has been achieved % percentage, distance in the implementation of the proportion of renewable energy target has completed more than half of %. Among them, the traffic of the use of renewable energy, heating aspects still lags far behind the power. One of Europe's biggest economy of Britain on renewable energy development schedule behind the other member states. This article is selected from the report chart make readers easier to quickly understand the eu's renewable energy development progress. The eu's renewable energy development progress by the end of the year, the European Union renewable energy energy structure has been increased from % percentage to %. If the European Union to maintain the pace of development, now to achieve the goal of the % is not a problem. Be worth what carry is, in general, the eu's various energy consumption are reduced. The current energy consumption in the European Union at the level of years. As a result, the eu's renewable energy use is a fall in the overall energy consumption under the trend of development. When it comes to renewable energy, renewable energy resources people tend to first think of wind and solar power. But, in fact, the European % of renewable energy from wood, Figure in the dark blue) , % is come from hydroelectric power. The wood is mainly used for heating. Renewable energy applications, for the moment, renewable energy to provide % power to Europe, % of heating and refrigeration, % supply traffic. Think commonly, renewable energy power supply than heating or supply traffic easier, but in terms of heating and transportation, still give priority to with oil and gas. Renewable energy resource to generate electricity from renewable energy resource to generate electricity, water and electricity accounts for the highest proportion, followed by the wind, wood, biomass, solar energy. However, the proportion of wind power and solar power is growing. Eu countries renewable energy medium-term development progress in the European Union in renewable energy ratio of % this great goal, the eu countries are respectively in accordance with its national conditions development goals. , according to a report by the end of the year, there have been a national renewable energy development goal, implements the year ahead is Sweden, Bulgaria and Estonia respectively. In addition, in Romania and Italy distance target only one step away. Other set the proportion of renewable energy in the % of the countries have been close to the target, especially in Norway, plan to realize the proportion of renewable energy. %。 By the end of the year, Norway has been achieved. %。 However, there are some countries progress has been slow. In Britain, for example, plans to implement the renewable energy target achieved %, but in fact deadline at the end of the year, only to realize. %, despite the years the renewable energy power generation at %. Other countries, such as the Netherlands, France and Ireland target is still far from years. Eurostat from the conclusion of the latest data show that the eu is expected to be implemented in renewable energy development goal, but the future for a period of time, the eu will focus on renewable energy development in heating and transportation. Years is not the end of the eu's renewable energy development, the European Union has set a new goal, namely the plan to the year, implementation of renewable energy energy structure to % percentage.
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