Fiber optic cable error-free transmission distance above 5890 meters

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] Fiber optic cable error-free transmission range zhdljyw P breakthrough recently, researchers at university college London shows a new method of optical signal processing. According to the researchers, this method can double the signal through the undersea fiber optic cable error-free transmission distance. Because the new method does not need to strengthen the signal, with the potential to reduce the cost of long distance optical fiber communication. The study, funded by the UK engineering and physical sciences research council, by eliminating the different light through a fiber optic cable channel to improve the interactions between the transmission distance. , 'said study leader Robert Maher by eliminating the interaction between optical channel, we can double the error-free transmission distance, from k to k. It is also reported in the system architecture increases the maximum distance. '' the challenge is to design a kind of technology can use a single receiver capture a set of optical channel at the same time, called super channel. 'Maher added. The researchers used a QAM ( Quadrature amplitude modulation) Super channel, its contains a set of frequency. These frequencies can be used the amplitude, phase and frequency coding, in order to create a high capacity optical signals. Using a high speed super receiver and team development can be error-free receive all channels of the new signal processing technology, super channel then can be detected. Now, the researchers plan to usually applied to digital cable TV ( QAM) And cable modem ( QAM) And Ethernet connection ( QAM) Test the new method of super dense channels. Professor of optical communication and network Polina Bayve added: 'we are very pleased to report this important discovery, which will improve the optical fiber communication. Our method can greatly improve the efficiency of data transmission, almost double the signal transmission distance, which could greatly reduce the cost of the existing business systems. Is one of the biggest global challenges we face, how to maintain communication under the Internet boom demand, then overcome the fiber optic cable capacity limit is the key to solve the problem. ”
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