Facing Philippine power grid company's largest shareholder China its technology to exit

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] Facing Philippine power grid company's largest shareholder China its technology exit globledata P 'based on' national security concerns, the Chinese technical personnel in the future will no longer participate in the Philippine domestic electricity transmission project. 'The Philippines announced Wednesday. Philippine power grid project was once a measure of China's 'going out' national power grid, and since the year China's state grid for the Philippines national grid management over the years, China will face technology out of dilemma. The three of the years, China's state grid and other associated body to. $( About the yuan. One hundred million yuan) The winning the Philippine national grid in a franchise. China's state grid with state grid company % of shares, the Philippine side is responsible for operation and maintenance of power grid in the Philippines. At the same time, the construction and operation of Chinese technicians in electricity transmission systems to provide technical support. Although state grid is the Philippines law net is the biggest single shareholder, the national power grid has % equity, but the other two Philippine companies each have % equity, union actual control or the Philippines. The personage inside course of study says, because the local power electricity price set too high, too high tariffs, and eager to earn huge profits, damage to the victims is ultimately the Philippine people. 'The government wants the Philippines own grid by filipinos. This is one of the national security adviser, issue of concern. Patty said, 'energy minister filipinos have learned Chinese technicians understand all of the skills, it also makes Chinese technicians more difficult when applying for a visa. Philippine, decided to start from the month the ministry of power grid company's management and technical operations will be made by the whole team is responsible for filipinos. In addition, the state grid company owned by Chinese technical personnel will return to China in this month, Mr Power grid company directors will have two Chinese representative. In fact, China's state grid on the acquisition of the Philippines project initially encounter with the Philippine congress pressure, even after the bid, there is still a Philippine lawmakers opposed to China's state grid gets a Philippine power grid. So, the Philippines in cooperating with China over power grid has been a 'guard', and to master most of the technology in the Philippines, after China's state grid exit face technology, the domestic power equipment conveniently 'going out', or the affected.
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