Domestic successful r&d industrial robots cable detection system

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] Research and development of domestic successful industrial robots JINLONGYU P cable detection system recently, hebei province quality inspection institute of science and technology plan projects bear the original quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of the 'industrial robot cable torsion and bending test system' through the acceptance. Experts agree that the system can satisfy the standard of China robot industry union and at the same time the German TuV rheinland robot cable standard requirement, improve the detection accuracy and efficiency, to fill the domestic blank. In recent years, the rapid development of industrial robot market in China has become the world's largest industrial robot application market, accounting for about/of the global market share. Industrial robot production volume in China have set a new record, for the production. Ten thousand, year-on-year growth. For %, sales. Ten thousand, year-on-year growth. %。 As the cable is a growing demand for industrial robot, domestic industrial machine cable torsion and bending of the key indicators of detection needs more urgent. Cable key indicators in order to solve the domestic robot without the actual problems of special testing equipment, quality inspection institute in hebei province in the research and development with the international advanced transmission and bending torsional control device, using advanced online monitoring system, for two years, eventually developed industrial robots cable torsion and bending test systems. According to the national quality inspection institute in hebei province belong to special cable products quality inspection center controller introduces, the system is composed of machine, can test cable industrial robots ° bend, torsion, vertical torsion D or D a major project, for multiple industrial robots cable sample multi-channel signal acquisition, real-time display the reciprocating frequency, conduction of sample data, and can be arbitrarily set rotation Angle and torsion and bending test millions or even tens of millions of times in a row, precise detection robot cable mechanical life, ensure that the robots cable remained in the process of long-term use of its good electric performance and mechanical performance. Recently, making strong province in hebei province construction leading group office in the printing of the hebei province support robot industry development and application of several opinions, to innovation as the theme, promote industrial concentration, special robot industry, do big do fine, industrial robots and stronger core parts and components industry, cultivating service robot industry, carry out 'robot +' plan of action. Hebei quality inspection institute for research and development of industrial robots cable torsion and bending test system for robot industry in hebei province quality improvement provide strong technical support, by conducting research and development, testing equipment, the advantages of the standards technical service, to accelerate the industrial transformation of the mass transfer efficiency. It is understood that the system is to declare a national patent and marketing, and is now in hebei province in multiple cables leading enterprises successful trial industrial robot, its overall structure and operation of the experts and enterprise's consistent high praise.
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