Damage and prevention methods of shielded cables

by:AAA     2020-03-26
In the manufacturing process of shielding layer, there are many correct or incorrect processes. One of the most important parameters is the weaving angle of the shielding layer. In cables used for drag chains, the load borne by the shielding layer of the outer diameter of the cable must be taken into account. Unreasonable weaving angle of shielding layer will further increase tension load, resulting in damage of shielding layer. This will cause the shielding effect to be weakened, and when the sharp cable tail punctures the wool fabric or the foil material touches the core wire, it will even cause a short circuit. Here, we recommend you a useful tip: if the insulation layer is stripped, the shielding layer can be easily pushed back into the sheath, but such shielding layer cannot be applied to the energy supply system, highly flexible cable in motion. Of course, EGS can provide a direct solution to these problems: the weaving angle of the shielding layer determined by long-term experiments can effectively offset the tension, so it is very suitable for drag chains. Due to the stable inner sheath, the shielding layer will not relax and fail. In the stranded wire structure, the shielding layer itself has anti-torsion performance. Sheath wear or damage any internal structure defects are difficult to detect from the outside, but the problem of the sheath can be directly observed by the naked eye. The sheath is the first layer of protection for the precise internal structure of the cable. This is why broken, worn and expanded deformed sheaths are very serious quality problems. In order to avoid such a problem, yigus provides seven different materials of cable sheath, for users to choose according to the corresponding working environment of their machinery. The manufacturing process and materials of armour extrusion sheath are also important factors that determine the product quality. In some so-called cables suitable for tow chains, the sheath is usually tubular, so it cannot provide necessary support for the stranded wire structure in the long-term bending process, thus making the stranded wire structure easy to split. As the first manufacturer of drag chain system, Iger developed a nail-shaped extrusion sheath. This kind of sheath can ensure that the core wire of the cable will not loosen when moving. The reason is that the sheath is extruded by a particularly large pressure. It is like a guiding groove, which plays a guiding role in the movement of the core wire and also plays a supporting role. Therefore, it is very suitable for drag chains. Summarize the quality assurance of highly flexible cables suitable for drag chains: Central stress relief design; Multi-bundle cable structure; The shielded cable adopts an inner sheath formed by armour extrusion; Fully shielded insulation woven mesh; Optimized shielding weaving angle; Armor type extrusion sheath.
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