2017 Marine power cable industry in China is very good

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] China's Marine power cable industry outlook is good SXXLJT P is a comprehensive structure adjustment of China's shipbuilding industry as of last year, our country has become a veritable industrial powers of the ship. According to the British carat eriksson, according to statistics, a research firm in years, three indexes of the shipbuilding industry in our country, whether it be a deadweight tonnage or revised gross tonnage, are high on the global first. And there is another way of saying that, in today's world of every ten new ship, there is a boat is made in China. Therefore, shipping industry already became our country has stronger international competitiveness of export one of the pillar industries. And the development of shipping industry will undoubtedly bring huge market space for Marine power cable industry and the profit space. As we all know, is very tall to the requirement of Marine cable. Marine cable belong to a kind of special cable with ideal profit space, with of course also have higher technical threshold. Therefore, our country in recent years many special Marine cable need to rely on imports, which not only increased the cost of shipbuilding, but also let the Chinese wire and cable manufacturers dim and heart injury. According to the survey shows that contemporary vessels of various types of cable laying has reached more than dozens of kilometers, in Europe, because the prevalence of stimulate the construction of the tanker, tanker holiday every tanker one thousand kilometers above the insulation of the cable laying, throughout the ship hull. Due to the particularity of the ships in its environment, its use of Marine power cables are basically special cables, low smoke zero halogen type is also various kinds of kinds, usually should have fire prevention, waterproof, non-toxic and features make it easier to transport. Longitudinal water seal cable and will get the mass use of umbilical cord cable, low smoke and soft lines, Marine wire and cable and cable ship with communication signal cable and so on special wire and cable type will also play a prominent role in the field of its own, plus ship repairing and terminal and other related facilities construction, will also be for other common class of the wire and cable to provide unlimited business opportunities. There are company will Marine cable is divided into three categories: the first is a economical Marine power cables; Second, and low smoke zero halogen type of wire and cable and fire type cable products. The economy of wire and cable products belongs to the most compact structure general cable; Has good cost performance at the same time, the installation and use is convenient; Also has excellent electric and mechanical properties; 'slow spread' features in accordance with IECC class, except for switchboard VUN line, because it is a flame retardant effect, it conforms to the IEC type, the use of PVC as outer sheath, covering the crosslinking polyethylene insulation, enhanced cable applied for long distances. And as well as the low smoke zero halogen performance of these two kinds of cable products as the name implies, these two kinds of Marine power cable has the very high fire resistance, will not release the halogen containing corrosive material in the fire. And the smoke volume is also quite limited. These features can reduce the harm of personnel and equipment, two elder sister also can make the cable have more powerful ability of fire 'slow spread' sex, the accord with IECA, B, C, have excellent electrical and mechanical performance; Use no halogen polyolefin copolymer as sheath, and make it used in combination with cross-linked polyethylene insulation. Finally is the fire retardant cable products, in the electrical facilities for those who still need to continue to work when the fire key position; In the cause of the fire retardancy is to add a layer of insulation and conductors quartz fire insulation layer. Because it is impossible for quartz itself is inorganic, burning, also has a good insulation performance, so it can ensure the circuit performance intact. After careful research and design, all Marine power cable has the ability of resistance to continuous vibration and most of the oil and solvent resistant ability. These cables are also after the latest standards and the main specification testing certification bodies. Cable can also be customized. Can use low smoke zero halogen insulation and sulfide SHF as outer sheath. Or can also let the crosslinking polyethylene insulation and chlorosulfonated polyethylene ( CSM) Sheath, combining can get excellent oil resistant ability and the ability of resistance to chemicals. And of all the Marine cable for warship boats for cable quality the highest demand. For example, the navigation objects, fish, missiles, etc. According to the current view, China already has dozens of wire and cable companies have Marine cable manufacturing capabilities. In the years of anhui alone is priceless mainly produces Marine power cable enterprise annual output value has reached one billion yuan, the year is still in expanding the market share of civilian ships and military ships, to the field of ocean engineering cable began to expand. Some high-end Marine cable, however, still need to rely on imports, domestic Marine cable enterprises want to catch up with Japan, South Korea, Britain and the Netherlands and other countries of the world established Marine cable manufacturer level there are still quite a long way to go. Marine cable market is very good, according to relevant data statistics show that in the year, the national shipbuilding completions are deadweight tonnage, fell. %, of which the ships thousands of revision total tons; New undertaking is a deadweight tonnage, ship orders about growth compared to the same. %, accounts for the international market share of the total. %, which is a revised gross tonnage ships. Also is this year on year, China's shipbuilding tonnage remains the world's leading position. The completions of shipbuilding, new orders, hand-held orders in total of the world, respectively. %、. % as well. %, including new orders than increased. Two percentage points. According to these data, Marine power cable quotation is great. In the years, our country's Marine cable production enterprise must refueling.
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