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( Industry news] 。 。 In the electric power industry news heibaocjp P cable online & lt; DIV id = pagecontent> < DIV id = imgcontent> < DIV id = js_content class = rich_media_content> policy news national energy bureau issued 'the guidance about encourage social capital investment of hydropower station, the' opinions 'clear to play the role of market in the allocation of resources, implements the marketization of the allocation of resources, unified market access, and establish a fair market rules, construct risk-sharing mechanism, clear implementation main body responsibility. The National Energy Administration related policy measures, the government at the provincial level ( Or its authorized local government) Hydropower project owner is responsible for organizing the bidding work, formulating bidding scheme, the preparation of the tender documents in accordance with the law, and responsible for implementing subject. Data analysis in guangdong nuclear power clean energy Internet of more than hundred million kilowatt hour on thirty percent, China guangdong nuclear group annual press conference held in shenzhen, CGNPC news spokesman said Hu Guangyao, for CGNPC clean energy power more than hundred million kilowatt hour, online growth over the previous year. %; With nuclear power electricity online million kilowatt hour, accounting for CGNPC % of total Internet power; Non-nuclear new energy power million kilowatt hour online, accounts for CGNPC % of total Internet power. Project dynamic domestic first the second generation of intelligent substation in shanxi construction by its construction of electricity transmission &transformation facilities company in shaanxi province - the first of a new generation of intelligent substation construction project Kv fuping substation project has to break ground. A new generation of intelligent substation is 'a highly integrated system, structure, rational layout, advanced equipment applicable, economic, energy conservation, environmental protection, support regulation', etc. Second generation intelligent indoor substation construction area of the largest can reduce %, outdoor substation construction area of the largest can reduce % %, shorten the construction period a quarter. Hydropower planning institute to complete the safety appraisal of the three gorges project completion in the three gorges project has been approved by the state of the construction scale and design scheme, construction quality, the main building, electrical and mechanical equipment and metal structure safety and normal operating conditions. It is understood that after the three gorges project including block river dam, dam power station project, double five shiplocks, maoping stream protection engineering, on the right bank underground power station engineering, power engineering, etc. From years the official start of the construction, so far, in addition to the approved to postpone in addition to the construction of the ship lift in the soho, the three gorges project has been completed. XiMeng - Shandong uhv project in shandong (date) (month) (year) period of foundation piles is complete, the last car number well injection tower base D concrete piles, marked the XiMeng shandong kilovolt high voltage ac transmission line project of shandong section of foundation piles is complete, ahead of plan period for two months. Responsible for shandong section of the construction of electricity transmission &transformation facilities of shandong power company allocate fine equipment, optimization of construction scheme art flow worked day and night, the successful completion of the shandong segment all pile casting, casting concrete. More cubic meters, steel production tons. Nuclear transfer to fujian roller jiang wind power projects engineering foundation ring and tower equipment fujian roller jiang wind farms located at the southern tip of the minnan golden triangle ', plans to install stand-alone capacity of. Approval of MW wind turbine, the scale of installed for MW. Wind booster stations set up one. MVA main transformer, kV line access Chen Dai change with time. The main electrical connection is given priority to get high side adopts single busbar, main transformer low voltage side adopts single busbar connection. Wind farm in collecting circuit kV voltage class is recommended for the turbine is divided into units, access booster station by way of cable to scoop up. Line of chengdu metro first shield in the second phase is realized via 'hole' on the morning of February 2nd point, as the 'yuengling, shield machine slowly' appearance ', China in turbine railway company of chengdu metro line first shield in the second phase is to realize the hole. The penetration of shahe ~ ten thousand terminal shield wind hole right middle line length m, has experienced days starting from today. At present, 'yuengling, shield machine will continue to advance along the right line to ten thousand terminal and terminal to turn around in ten thousand for the excavation of the left line of tasks. Comprehensive report thermal power low emission coal as fuel gas huaneng greengen day dawn first month the People's Daily published news headlines in the thermal power of low emissions coal as fuel gas huaneng greengen dawn first '. This paper introduces the China huaneng group company as an installed capacity. Million kilowatts of world-class power generation enterprises, through increased investment and technological innovation, the stock of coal-fired units to implement low emissions, actively explore coal cutting edge technology, to realize green development achievements. Datang group general manager wang ping met in guangdong nuclear group chairman He Yu, February 2nd group co. , LTD. , vice chairman of the board of directors, general manager and deputy secretary of wang ping met with visiting in headquarters CGNPC group co. , LTD. , party secretary, chairman He Yu a line, on deepening the cooperation of both sides in the communication and exchanges. He talks about, datang group with CGNPC group on the basis of existing cooperation signed strategic cooperation framework agreement, have created favorable conditions for both sides to further realize common development. Hope that the two sides continue to strengthen communication, to ensure safety, reduce costs, improve efficiency under the premise of the expansion of fields of cooperation, realize win-win development. Guodian corporation dasheng, chairman of the month for the first time, a group of companies in this year's first chairman dasheng, listen to the work report about the research work deployment in the near future, examined and approved the relevant issues. Chairman, party secretary Qiao Baoping pointed out, the company the staff unite as one, just overcome difficult, work has made remarkable achievements in various aspects, group business performance and the best level in history. u< / DIV> < / DIV> < /DIV>
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