The significance of wire and cable CCC certification

by:AAA     2020-04-14
( Industry news] The significance of wire and cable CCC certification w P & lt; div风格= '自动换行breakword; 边缘像素; 填充px; color rgb( ,,) ; Fontfamily Arial, Verdana, song typeface. px fontsize; lineheight px; 写成backgroundcolor rgb ( ,,) ; '> C certification in each industry is a product of national security authentication, has the qualification certificate of manufacturer to a more safe and reliable products, the CCC certification of wire and cable have those aspects:, aluminum wire must be the industry standard, national standard of the product wire is copper conductor; < div风格= '自动换行breakword; 边缘像素; 填充px; '> , model of IEC letters, the execution must be gb; Industry standards, type letters using pinyin; Range, rubber-sheathed wire in the cross section of cable ( Structure such as three large and one small) Must be the industry standard; , the implementation of CCC certification and production licenses product category is different, independent each other, it is not conflict but the license management products can apply for to CQC certification ( Also called voluntary certification) ; < /div> Three common problems existing in the CCC cable product inspection is as follows: first, in detecting the thickness of the insulation, attention should be paid to ensure insulation tightly packed bag in the conductor on the adhesion, the average of the insulation thickness shall be not less than the specified value of product standards. Second, when testing shielding layer weave density, if discover the braid pitch density not neat, shielding with metal single arch, winding shielding with metal single wire arrangement is not uniform, it should be improved in a timely manner, to conform to the standard. Third, when detecting electrical performance, electrical conductors effective cross section is not enough ( Single conductor resistance rate of qualified, does not guarantee or stranded after the qualified beam system) Will influence the conductor resistance of oxidation, single conductor; Insulation wire core in the process damage during production and for a simple repair, or will cause the insulation resistance is not enough, caused by the defect in the voltage breakdown voltage test insulated wire core, so that then cannot detect insulation resistance; Insulation thickness, insulation materials, heat-resistant ℃ of wire and cable products, insulation wire core in the process of damage for simple repair, or will cause the insulation resistance is unqualified, affect the normal use of wire and cable. The difference between compulsory certification and voluntary certification & lt; /div> Compulsory certification is the most common to the domestic compulsory certification C authentication object: mainly relating to the personal security products, such as: electric appliances, wire and cable, toys, construction materials, pressure vessels, protective supplies, medicines, etc. Standard: according to compulsory standards issued by the national standardization method according to national standards and industry standards issued by the national standardization method such as legal basis: according to the national laws, regulations or rules of mandatory regulations prove way: laws, regulations or rules specified security authentication marks issued by the certification body certification certificate and mark role: has not obtained the certification of qualified, not in the product with the specified certification logo, may not sell, import and use. < div风格= '自动换行breakword; 边缘像素; 填充px; color rgb( ,,) ; Fontfamily Arial, Verdana, song typeface. px fontsize; lineheight px; 写成backgroundcolor rgb ( ,,) ; '> Voluntary certification, the domestic CQC certification, energy saving certification; Abroad such as UL, ETL, CSA, GS certification, almost every country has its own voluntary certification. Object: does not involve the personal safety product standard: according to the national product quality standard and product quality certification regulations prove way: has not obtained the certification, can still sell, import and use. But may be restricted by market. Product quality certification compulsory certification and voluntary certification. Compulsory certification is to carry out compulsory standards of government management behavior, therefore, also can call it mandatory under the management of product certification, therefore, its application is similar and voluntary certification, but have different nature and characteristics. Chongqing wire and cable manufacturers the Qin Li power cable manufacturing co. , LTD. http / / www。 cqqldx。 Com [w] in editing
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