The interconnection to help Iran to the united Arab emirates export power

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] The interconnection to help Iran's exports to the united Arab emirates TAVANIR globledata P Iran's national electric power company general manager Homayoun Haeri said in an interview on Saturday, Iran's power grid can be achieved in the near future the interconnection, and the united Arab emirates (uae) later, Iran will electricity exports to the united Arab emirates. Homayoun Haeri, explains both the interconnection benefit from the construction of a submarine power cable. 。 / KV plastic insulated power cable in recent years, the united Arab emirates (uae) power consumption rising, annual growth of more than %. In order to meet the growing demand for electricity, the united Arab emirates (uae) launched a series of energy diversification development plan, including import electricity to the neighbors. It is reported that Iran's electricity installed capacity of more than at present. Thousands of megawatts. And, as the new power plant, including renewable energy generation facilities, Iran's capacity can be further improved, help Iran gradually achieve power export hub in the Middle East that the aim of the strategic position. So far, Iran has to Iraq, Armenia, Turkey, turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and export power.
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