The government facilitate optical fiber network operators and divided

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] Does facilitate optical network operators and divided globledata P black ants cable network: at present, the Italian government is accelerating to promote ultra-high-speed broadband optical fiber network deployment, in the revitalization of sickly economy, and to its existing infrastructure to encourage telecom italia a costly an overhaul. Recently, Italy's prime minister, Matteo Renzi approved a plan to hundred million euros, covered by replacing aging copper user home, build a nationwide fiber optic network. According to the fixed-line broadband subscription users, Italy among countries of the organisation for economic co-operation and development in his job. Italy's prime minister asked priority to millions of home users connected to the ultra-high-speed optical fiber in Italy. Because has not reached an agreement between the government and the operators, speculation about the fiber optic network plan rapidly rising. Renzi is very concerned about this event, he think it's vital to Italy's economic modernization. Officials say the overall project requirements may be billions of euros to promote. RVVB*. RVVB yet this event has been extended a series of complex problems, whether from the old copper network directly into a modern optical fiber network, the cost of investment, price setting, regulation and network access, etc. And over the weekend, foreign media reported that the Italian government plans to forced to modify its copper network, telecom italia this will spend billions to upgrade into modern optical fiber network. On Sunday, the Italian government denied that forced set the project time limit, but admits the and operators in the process of reaching an agreement is divided. More information please pay attention to the HTTP / / WWW. globledata。 com
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