Photovoltaic industry reshuffle to accelerate industry development trend

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] Photovoltaic industry reshuffle accelerate industry development trend heibaocjp P WireShow cable exhibition 】 (date) (month) (year), the ministry of industry and a support for the development of photovoltaic industry is facing the file 'on further optimization of photovoltaic enterprise merger and reorganization of the market environment of the opinions, put forward to perfect market operating mechanism, photovoltaic enterprise merger and reorganization of the market environment, conducive to speed up the photovoltaic industry structure adjustment. By the end of the year, to form a group with strong international competitiveness photovoltaic enterprises, the backbone of the support form pv companies giants. The personage inside course of study points out that building the annexation and reorganization of the market environment, speed up the photovoltaic industry reshuffle is the main stream of the development of photovoltaic industry in our country on one hand, on the other hand, will also make our country enterprise in the international pv market position stronger, import and export advantages more apparent. The trend of The Times the ministry issued the 'opinions' put forward, by the end of the year, to form a group with strong international competitiveness photovoltaic enterprises, the backbone of the former home of polysilicon production enterprise of the country more than %, battery components companies before production of the country more than %, formed with global vision and the leading strength and a number of photovoltaic integrated development and application of enterprise. To this, the correlation analysis, points out that at present, China's top five polysilicon enterprises in market share in the years has been achieved about %; The top ten enterprises in the market share of about % of components, expecting higher. The personage inside course of study in an interview with related media also points out that in the current China's photovoltaic industry concentration, on the basis of several typical m&a events occurring if the next two or three years, it is easy to realize the goal of 'opinion' in setting. Relevant personage thinks, state by optimizing the photovoltaic enterprise m&a market environment, improve the industry concentration, eventually to close down backward production facilities. 'Because some of the smaller companies failed to complete technical reform, has been idle for many low-end equipment. If can have through the strength of the enterprise mergers and acquisitions, many devices can be used technology upgrade to use, to make the transition to high production capacity. And judging from the international market situation, have huge capacity to expand into emerging markets in the future. 'An unnamed industry analysts pointed out that our pv industry merger and reorganization is an inevitable trend. 'Battery components and inverter production enterprise's price competition is very fierce, is bound to an unspecified number of opponents. And large enterprises have set up the brand in the global scope, shipments, demand is very big, at present its own capacity is still not enough, need to put the order in other factory OEM, but this does not guarantee the quality, so they have the will of the mergers and acquisitions. How the change will affect the import and export 'industry? The anonymous source said, as the industry merger and reorganization to form giant enterprises, China's voice in the global pv market will be bigger, but this does not mean that China's products may encounter more trade friction. He basis from two aspects: first, China's renewable energy projects subsidies is decreasing year by year, overseas will gradually lose the basis of a countervailing; Second, the United States, the European Union, Japan and other major developed economies have developed their own renewable energy development indicators, because these economies' products are much higher than the product, to achieve the target, still rely on the cost-effective products in China. After the United States and Europe on the Chinese photovoltaic products launched anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation process also revealed, overseas component factory and systems integrators two camps on the Chinese products have completely different attitude. 'If' double inverse 'implementation, it is unfair for foreign systems integrators, eventually installed capacity fell, the country's renewable energy development plan may not be possible. 'The person said. 'Merger can eliminate some inferior capacity, let the physical health of enterprises bigger and stronger formed the scale, and take advantage of their technology and industrial chain, photovoltaic products and further reduce the system cost, it must be all of us want to see. 'From the perspective of the demand of polysilicon import, the Chinese polysilicon companies at this stage the main task of the face is still bigger and stronger. 'A lot of products of the enterprise consistent and equal, in the development of mutual constraints. If can in each niche to form several oligarchs, undoubtedly more beneficial to the development of the photovoltaic industry. ”( Source: China's wire and cable network CWC) Photovoltaic industry also affects the development of closely related to the wire and cable industry, the health of the whole industry will directly have great influence on pv related wire and cable market, believe that the healthy development of photovoltaic industry will also create a rich business opportunities for the associated cable industry.
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