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Pay attention! Market supervision administration of September 14 departments jointly carry out the national 'quality month' activities

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] Pay attention! On market regulation of taxation and other departments to carry out the national 'quality month' activities fys P years, market supervision administration of the central propaganda department, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, ecological environment, housing NongCunBu urban-rural development, Ministry of Transport, agriculture, commerce, culture and tourism, the national health committee, the People's Bank of China, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council departments, to 'create the Chinese quality construction quality power' as the theme, common deployment in the national 'quality month' activities. This year is the anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Since the founding of new China, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council has always attached great importance to the quality of work, put the quality development in strategic position to grasp, has adopted a series of major policies and measures to promote quality improvement to improve the overall level of China's quality, promote the sustainable and healthy economic and social development. As an important mass quality activities, and continued to carry out 'quality month' activities in China for many years, has already formed the unified plan of the relevant government departments, with enterprises as the mainstay, all walks of life and the masses to participate in, the 'quality month' activity pattern with Chinese characteristics. Every year to participate in 'quality month' activities companies more than m, a staff more than people, participate in the crowd more than people, 'quality month' activities to promote the whole society to establish strong consciousness of 'quality first', to promote our country product, engineering and service quality continuously improve played a huge role. This year 'quality month' activities to 'create the Chinese quality construction quality power' as the theme, is in the whole country to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China time important node, review the achievements of the development of the quality of the People's Republic of China, further implement the construction of the CPC Central Committee and state council on the decision of quality power deployment, widely mobilize various departments, various industries, enterprises and the broad masses, further stimulate innovation power quality, release the quality improvement activity, jointly promote the quality of power construction. In the national 'quality month' activities adhere to highlight to the people as the center, set up the concept of consumerism, to safeguard the fundamental interests of the masses as the starting point and the foothold of 'quality month' activities, increasing the mass of the acquisition, happiness and security. This year's 'quality month' activities, on the one hand, to strengthen the quality and safety supervision, to carry out the campus cafeteria 'Ming kitchen bright kitchen operations, quality and safety of consumer goods' into the community, campus into villages and towns 'activities, special equipment supervision and inspection of production units and special equipment inspection testing institutions, transportation, the quality of products' double random, a public 'selectives examination, ecological environment monitor quality supervision and spot check, medical mess rectification action, rest assured consumption to create activities, etc. , by focusing on people's worry about the matter, troubles, heart, and solve the people concerned about the quality problem, improve the consumption environment, let the people buy felt relieved, with happily, eat at ease; On the other hand, we will focus on promoting quality improvement, to carry out 'quality Open Day' activities, 'private enterprise' measurement precision service activity, project quality improvement action, national quality and safety of agricultural products county public brand operations, A level scenic spot on service quality improvement activities, the central enterprise performance excellence management training activities, through drive around, improve quality, promote enterprises to strengthen the total quality management, improving the quality of products, engineering and services, constantly meet people's yearning for A better life.
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