Nuclear power to restart on nuclear power steel market recovery

by:AAA     2020-04-06
( Industry news] Nuclear power to restart nuclear power steel market fed heibaocjp P years will be another boom in nuclear power construction, nuclear power construction project bidding is expected to fast start, the industry expected nuclear power steel market will open again, long litas materials, fushun special steel, taigang stainless, is expected to benefit. China merchants securities research report released February 2nd, according to the current construction and construction of nuclear power unit capacity about kilowatts, according to years of nuclear power construction, there are thousands of kilowatts of gap needs to be started in. In accordance with the current plan, most of the planning of the project should be started in the year, is expected in the future will soon launch a new round of nuclear power project bidding. Nuclear power plant construction needs a large number of high quality steel, in accordance with the 'twelfth five-year' nuclear power development plan, to the year, in the nuclear power units into kw, construction scale into kw; At that time, China's nuclear power steel demand will increase to ten thousand tons. At present, only can produce nuclear evaporator pipe companies in the country for a long time litas wood and baosteel special steel company. China merchants securities believes that the next as the nuclear power industry bidding started, the two companies is expected to continue to lead the whole nuclear power market. Long litas material is the only domestic nuclear evaporator pipe production field of the listed companies, its nuclear tube for tons of capacity, u-shaped tube about tons of annual capacity. Baosteel special steel by CGNPC and baosteel group, jiangsu silver ring precision steel tube co. , LTD, a joint venture, the u-shaped tube localization project in July formally put into production, annual production capacity of tons. Years, baosteel special steel with long litas material signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, realize the combination in the field of special quality steel. In addition, fushun special steel, taigang stainless production of high quality special steel, such as high-end steel enterprises, the market space will also be associated with nuclear power restart again open. Previously, fushun special steel, taigang stainless respectively to shandong rongcheng shidao bay the nuclear unit CAP three generation nuclear power supply high temperature alloy, nuclear grade stainless steel and other high-end nuclear grade steel material. Fushun special steel is the leading enterprises in the high temperature alloy in China, market share about %, as the first trial production base in mainland China, its product long-term holiday supremacy in the national defense industry. In the first half of the output of high temperature alloy increase year-on-year % to tons, expected annual output will reach tons. Taigang stainless is currently China's largest stainless steel production base, the first to develop nuclear power AP in pile component with stainless steel sheet, H, become the domestic the sole supplier of the material. At present, the company can produce nuclear power in pile CAP component with special stainless steel materials, injection tank with stainless steel composite panels, nuclear grade I, II, III stainless steel materials, stainless steel products have been used in qinshan nuclear power plant.
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