Nexon ( Si 5) New sun cable was its notification for delayed delivery

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] Nexon ( Si 5) New sun cable for delayed delivery been notified its qdyldl P shandong electric wire electric cable, state grid corporation of e-commerce platform released the priorities of henan electric power company in the first batch of supplier bad behavior disposal bulletin. Processing, according to the results of nexon ( Si 5) New sun cable co. , LTD. Supply cable for delayed delivery is the unit owner complaints, certain effects on the project, was suspended in its system of henan electric power corporation bidding procurement bidding qualification in months. According to the business of the public information display, Nike's ( Si 5) New sun cable co. , LTD. , established in (date) (month) (year), the registered capital of yuan, business scope: wire and cable and cable accessories development, manufacture, sales and installation services, and related production technology development, technical training, technical services, technology transfer and technology consultation, management the company produced products and technology export business; This enterprise production, raw and auxiliary materials for scientific research, instrumentation, mechanical equipment, spare parts and technology import business ( National limited company and the state prohibits the import and export goods and technology except) ; Business processing and the 'three to fill a' business. According to report, because of its own reason, Nike's ( Si 5) New sun cable co. , LTD. , cable delay of supply, is a unit owner complaints, cause certain influence to the engineering project. To promote supplier integrity performance, to ensure product quality, to ensure the smooth and safe and reliable power supply, power grid construction according to the national grid company supplier bad behavior process management detailed rules 'the relevant provisions, such as product quality problems, the performance of dishonest suppliers for the treatment of the problem. Specific treatment is as follows: (date) (month) (year) (date) (month) (year) in tendering-based purchase of its electric power company in henan province system suspend the bidding qualification.
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