New energy vehicles will improve charging and other supporting facilities

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] New energy vehicles will improve charging facilities construction problems such as globledata P black ants cable network: June 21, to participate in the 12th session of the National People's Congress (NPC) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology minister MiaoWei in an interview, charge for new energy vehicles and other supporting facilities construction problems made a guide. MiaoWei revealed that from the start of last year, the State Council for the promotion of new energy vehicles a series of research, relevant departments also issued a series of including subsidies, tax cuts and benefits of new energy vehicles purchase policy, etc. Over the past year China's new energy vehicles produced cars, although the total amount is not big, but very fast growth, the rapid development of new energy industry in China. MiaoWei points out, now, hinder the biggest bottleneck of the development of new energy vehicles is no longer a 'bad cars don't have a car, the car works with' problem, the masses of users more concerned about the charge of new energy vehicles and other supporting facilities. MiaoWei said that starting this year, the ministry and the relevant departments will increase the charge of the pilot, demonstration city infrastructure support, at the same time also hope that the pilot, demonstration city of local governments to increase support, enabling users to buy a car, filling up electricity. Fixed wiring cable for more information, please pay attention to the HTTP / / WWW. globledata。 com
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