Jiang Xipei: good catch with new opportunities and avoid to prevent risky

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] Jiang Xipei: good catch with new opportunities and avoid high-risk DLMMB P to prevent 'we catch up with the good times, while hard to avoid can have many regret, but for the cable companies, this time is there are a lot of historical opportunity. 'Far east holding group chairman and chief executive Jiang Xipei month day on the wire and cable industry peak BBS said. Jiang Xipei do keynote cable industry nearly 1 m cable companies in China, serious overcapacity, last year, the spread of the tide 'shutdown' and 'knockout' to accelerate this year, means the cable industry is facing a huge change. But in Jiang Xipei point of view, this change is not good. Jiang Xipei, said the central government, headed by chairman xi after more than two years of the policy, let's clear the central determination to adhere to the four comprehensive: to build a well-off society in an all-round way, comprehensively deepen reform and comprehensive law, comprehensive governing party. The 'four' is put forward, make all work of the state key links and key areas, main direction more clear, internal logic is more strict, this to promote reform and opening up to a new level provides a powerful guarantee. Comprehensively deepen reform, in particular, will make the whole society release enormous energy, make national entrepreneurship, peoples expectations. If comprehensively deepen reforms can release bonus, then the rule of law to create the better legal environment for the private enterprise and entrepreneurship environment. In Jiang Xipei point of view, China's law is not without, but in the past failed to fully implement the good, the phenomenon such as selective law enforcement and refrain from punishing law-breakers make the state and society pay a painful price. There is reason to believe that the central government of the anti-corruption is not short-term behavior, but to insist for a long time. Comprehensively deepen reform and the rule of law to cable companies has brought many opportunities, but Jiang Xipei also remind private entrepreneurs should pay attention to avoid the risk of three: the legal risk, making major decisions, risk, risk of choose and employ persons. 'We need to learn to three good risk control, risk of any one can make you bone, make enterprise in extreme passivity, and even endanger the enterprise survival. A moderate amount of leverage is a must, but leverage also brings risks, especially when leverage is too big. So the risk for us to do business, is especially need to guard against. 'Jiang Xipei also emphasized the importance of talents for enterprise and select talents, gathering of talents. Far east, mainly through the art of six force: professional qualification, experience, ability, pulse power, SiLi and force the six aspects of the products to select talents, through the 'six children receive government degrees' policy, to provide 'tickets, house, ladders, seat, lining, face' to attract, gathering talented person, do 'recruit to come, to retain', at the same time giving them space to learn and grow continuously, and enterprise development together. Jiang Xipei said finally, as an industry companies, after seeing the such policy ideas and programs of the central government, we are really very gratified. There is reason to believe that the chairman xi, led by the collective leadership can indicate the direction for China's future, create a better environment and entrepreneurial environment of rule of law, make China's enterprises, entrepreneurs, as the main body of creating value truly, better respect and recognition.
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